Name for child: Giuseppe. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Giuseppe, name for child

Name of Jewish origins very widespread in the Old and New Testament (Joseph was, as we know, the husband of Mary and putative father of Jesus), Giuseppe it's a name for child widespread throughout the country, especially in the southern regions. Perfect for parents who wish to impose a traditional male name on their child, the name Giuseppe still remains among the most chosen by new parents and villagers.

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Although the Church remembers many saints called Joseph, the day on which all the people who bear this name celebrate their name day is the 19 March, in honor of Saint Joseph, husband of Mary and putative father of Jesus, which is also the day on which Father's Day is celebrated.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Giuseppa, Giuseppina, Giusy. In particular Giuseppina it is a feminine diminutive form of the name Giuseppe, much preferred to the feminine Giuseppa to the point that in the twentieth century it was the fourth most widespread name in the country.
  • Male: Giuseppe

Foreign variants

  • English: Joseph
  • French: Joseph
  • Spanish: José
  • German: Jospeh, Josef

Origins and etymology of the name Giuseppe

The name Joseph has a Hebrew origin and derives from the verb yasaph ("to increase", "to increase"). It was then adapted into Greek as Iosephos and Iosepos to arrive at the Latin form Ioseph and Iosephus.

Meaning of the name Giuseppe

The Hebrew verb from which the name Joseph originates, yasaph, means precisely "increase"Or" increase ", therefore the meaning is probably"he will add”And should be understood as a wish for the arrival of other children. But other sources of interpretation tell us that Joseph could also mean "the one who will grow"Or" rise of the lord ".

Diffusion of the name Giuseppe

Giuseppe is the most common male name in the country in twentieth century and even today it continues to be very popular, also thanks to the choice by the new parents to call their son after his grandfather and thus helping to maintain the notoriety of the name Giuseppe. Despite this trend, however, the data ISTAT show us that the diffusion of the name Giuseppe has been slightly decreasing in recent years: in 1999 5510 newborns were called in this way, while in 2022 there were 3323.

Personality of a child named Giuseppe

Giuseppe is a man of principles, endowed with great courage that helps him to overcome obstacles and difficulties. He hardly breaks the rules, is faithful in love and friendship and could be called a man of honor.

He doesn't trust others right away, but makes a commitment to get to know them before opening up to them.

E' wise e loving, has an open mind that leads him to always respect the ideas of others, even if different from his own, and he is an idealist, a dreamer. He is committed on a daily basis to build a better world.

E' creative and has great imagination, wishes to achieve balance and lead a peaceful life, avoids quarrels and disputes as much as possible and his strong adaptability pushes him to find a compromise by virtue of his constant search for serenity.

However, he does not stand still: his spirit needs to evolve in a safe environment.

If you hear it amato he always finds the strength to go on and the courage to face difficulties. Behind the confident and optimistic air of him, however, hides a fragile spirit who does not hesitate to fight but which hides his pain, his suffering and his weakness.

What profession will Joseph make?? His innate creative talent could propel him into the field ofhandicraft or DIY, but its constant search for security could also make it happen in different areas such as the world of business or finance.

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Zodiac sign

The character of Joseph is similar to that of those born under the sign of Cancer who needs both material and emotional security to be happy. Generous, he helps those most in need and people in need, but he is emotionally dependent, he constantly needs to feel loved. Angry, he becomes unpleasant and distant, and in this case it is difficult to reason: he needs tenderness to calm down. To avoid suffering, he prefers to isolate himself. Finally, just like Cancer, Joseph is protective and caring.


The name Giuseppe is associated with red, symbol of passion, love and triumph.

Precious stone

Joseph's amulet is the ruby, a stone that symbolizes his ardor and the courage he puts into everything he undertakes.

Lucky number

Joseph's lucky number is the1, an individualistic and self-centered number, but also a symbol of resourcefulness and courage.

Famous people named Giuseppe

  • Joseph I of Habsburg, Sacred the Emperor of the city
  • Joseph II of Habsburg-Lorraine, the Holy City Emperor
  • Giuseppe Arcimboldo, painter of the village
  • Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, poet and the village
  • Giuseppe De Nittis, painter of the village
  • Giuseppe Fava, writer, journalist, playwright, essayist and screenwriter el paeseno
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi, general, patriot, leader and writer of the village
  • Giuseppe Mazzini, patriot, politician, philosopher and journalist in the countryside
  • Giuseppe Meazza, footballer and football coach el paeseno
  • Giuseppe Parini, poet and abbot of the village
  • Giuseppe Peano, mathematician, logician and glottothete el paeseno
  • Giuseppe Piazzi, priest and astronomer of the village
  • Giuseppe Prina, politician and the village
  • Giuseppe Rinaldi, actor, voice actor and dubbing director el paeseno
  • Giuseppe Rossi, footballer and the country
  • Giuseppe Saragat, politician and diplomat from the village
  • Giuseppe Signori, football player and the country
  • Giuseppe Siri, cardinal and Catholic archbishop of the village
  • Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, writer and the village
  • Giuseppe Tornatore, director, screenwriter, film producer and editor el paeseno
  • Giuseppe Tucci, orientalist, explorer and historian of religions and the countryside
  • Giuseppe Ungaretti, poet and writer from the village
  • Giuseppe Verdi, composer and the village

Song dedicated to Giuseppe

Get up Joseph

you have wasted too much time already

Get up Joseph

towards your freedom

Get up Joseph

you have a thousand centuries

Get up Joseph

if you want ... you will fly ...

are the lines of the song of Claudio Baglioni "Get up Joseph ".

But we also point out the beautiful "The return of Joseph"of Fabrizio De Andrè.

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