Name for child: Hector. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Ettore, name for child

Ettore is a male name with a classic and somewhat vintage flavor that evokes Homeric poems and mythology. It is the right choice if you want to draw on ancient and traditional male names, but which do not lose their charm over time. Today we discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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The name day is celebrated on 20nd June when Saint Hector is commemorated, a martyr in Greece at the time of Diocletian.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Ettorino
  • Female: Ettora

Foreign variants

  • English: Hector
  • French: Hector
  • Spanish: Hector

Origins and etymology of the name Ettore

The name Ettore derives from the Greek name Ἕκτωρ (Hèktōr), which was later rendered Hector in Latin. The origin is to be found in the ancient Greek term ἔχω (èchō, "to have") and from its derivation ἕκτωρ (hèktōr, "who holds strong").

Meaning of the name Hector

The meaning of the name Hector is quite clear: the Greek term from which hèktōr originates means "who possesses", or "the one who holds strongly ".

To bear this name was one of the protagonists of Homer's Iliad, Hector, a warrior known for his exploits in the Trojan War. The eldest son of the king of Troy, Priam, Hector lost his life at the hands of Achilles.

Diffusion of the name Ettore

Widespread especially in the northern regions, Ettore became popular in the country especially in the nineteenth century thanks to Ettore Fieramosca, who became famous with the novel of the same name by Massimo D'Azeglio.

Then fallen into disuse in more modern times, today it seems to be experiencing a moment of renewed popularity in our country: according to ISTAT data relating to the most popular names, in 1999 150 children were called Ettore and in 2022 there were 843.

Personality of a child named Ettore

Ettore stands out for his nature tender and sensitive, is an idealist and a dreamer and feels the need to cultivate his sensitivity to maintain his emotional balance. Ettore has a tendency to be Reserved, is discreet and rarely expresses his feelings ending up seeming, at first impression, almost insensitive and detached. For this character of him so mysterious, Ettore seems elusive and arouses curiosity in those who meet him.

Although moderate and discreet, Ettore has excellent skills as a mediator and is able to resolve conflicts quickly thanks to good diplomatic skills.

Hector is fighter and determined, he strives to do his best to achieve his goals, has a keen competitive spirit, loves facing new challenges and appreciates victory. He is always motivated and dynamic in the activities that see him as a protagonist. He can't stand laziness and inactivity: he needs to channel his great energy both physically and mentally.

Hector has a nature impatient and he hardly knows how to wait: he has a pragmatic and concrete spirit, a strong sense of reality and is ambitious. His ambition he often pushes him beyond his limits but if he feels he can do better he will not spare commitment and energy to achieve his goals.

hector loves to feel admired and gratified, he strives, therefore, to give his best in everything and at times he can seem megalomaniac and and excessively stubborn and self-confident. He loves to cultivate his intelligence and his curiosity is demanding in love and with friends.

What profession will Ettore make? He will be interested in professions in the fields of humanities, psychology, but also sociology, history and medicine. He could also find his way into the cinema or tourism sector.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best reflects Hector's character traits is that of Pisces. Those born under this sign have a complex personality that can confuse those around them. Intuitive, gifted with an artistic sense, dreamers and idealists, those born under the sign of Pisces depend more on their instincts than on reason.


The color that best reflects Ettore's temperament is yellow, associated with generosity, spiritual light and the joy of living.

Precious stone

Ettore's lucky stone is there rodonite, linked to serenity and inner peace. This gem works on the mind by relieving stress and purifying on an emotional level.

Lucky number

6 is Hector's lucky number, a symbol of inner balance and completeness.

Famous people named Hector

  • Ettore Bastianini, baritone and villager
  • Ettore Bugatti, entrepreneur in the countryside
  • Ettore Fieramosca, leader of the village
  • Ettore Majorana, physicist and the village
  • Ettore Marchiafava, doctor and politician from the village
  • Ettore Muti, soldier, aviator and politician of the country
  • Ettore Petrolini, actor, playwright, writer and screenwriter el paeseno
  • Ettore Samigli, real name of Italo Svevo, writer and playwright of the village
  • Ettore Scola, director and screenwriter of the village

Song dedicated to Ettore

We chose the song "hector"by Paolo Simoni.

Ettore doesn't like multiplications

He says that in the world only flowers matter

So? Flowers everywhere under the bed, above the roof

Dogs, umbrellas and airplanes are also allowed

Ettore doesn't like long discussions

He prefers to make big soap bubbles

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