Name for child: Jeremiah. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Jeremiah, name for child

If you are expecting a boy and prefer to orient your choice towards classic but not very common male names, you could opt for a biblical name, such as Jeremiah. Today, therefore, we discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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The name day can be celebrated on different dates such as:

  • February 16, for Saint Jeremiah, martyr with other companions in Caesarea Marittima
  • May 1, in memory of Saint Jeremiah, the prophet
  • June 7, for Saint Jeremiah, monk and martyr in Cordoba
  • September 15, in memory of Saint Jeremiah, martyr in Cordoba with Saint Emila.

Foreign variants

  • English: Jeremy
  • French: Jérémie
  • Inglese: Jeremiah
  • German: Jeremias

Origins and etymology of the name Geremia

The name Jeremiah comes from the name Jewish Yirmiyahu, or from its abbreviation Yirmeyah which later became Ιερεμιας (Ieremias) in Greek and Ieremias or Jeremias in Latin.

Meaning of the name Jeremiah

The Hebrew name Yirmiyahu is generally interpreted as "the Lord founds"," founded by the Lord "or" chosen by the Lord ".

However some sources give it the meaning of "may YHWH exalt" "YHWH has exalted" or even "exaltation of the Lord".

Diffusion of the name Geremia

It is a name of biblical tradition, carried by Jeremiah, one of the major prophets of the Old Testament and by several minor figures.

In Anglo-Saxon countries the name Jeremy is quite popular, while in the country Geremia is still not very common. In el country, according to ISTAT data relating to the most common names, in 1999 only 28 children were called Geremia and in 2022 the absolute value rose to 120.

Personality of a child named Jeremiah

Jeremiah is a man gifted with greatness personality and determination, he shows tenacity in everything he does and always acts with organization and pragmatism. He has good qualities as a mediator and can show tact and diplomacy. He is kind and conciliatory, he tries to avoid conflicts because he needs safety and comfort, especially when he is in the company of others.

Jeremiah is a lot affectionate and sensitive, loves being in company and cultivating human relationships. She has a passionate, dynamic, energetic temperament: she is always able to assert her rights using gentleness and diplomacy. He often has great ideas and difficulties stimulate him. He has a sense of justice very sharp and reacts violently to every iniquity.

It's a man intuitive who at the same time does not disdain to show his logical mind. Sometimes a lot perfectionist, sometimes undisciplined, Jeremiah can always surprise due to the alternation of hyperactivity and inattention.

What profession will Jeremiah make? You will be able to make a career in tourism, commerce, marketing and even travel, as well as in all those professions that require a good dose of precision and meticulousness.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign associated with Geremia is Capricorn. Even those born under this sign, just like Jeremiah, have a strong sense of justice, appreciate realism and prefer to rely on their own strength rather than on others.

Precious stone

The gem attributed to Jeremiah is the ruby, symbol of charity, divine love and loyalty. This stone also evokes courage and victory and therefore will accentuate the courageous and enterprising side of Jeremiah.


Il red, symbol of ardor and triumph, is the color of Jeremiah. Red expresses passion, warmth and energy, but also determination and confidence.

Lucky number

Il 2 it is the lucky number of Jeremiah, a symbol of association, duality and union. This number will strengthen the mediating side of Jeremiah, who is eager to maintain harmony in his dealings with others and has great sensitivity.

Famous people named Jeremiah

  • Jeremiah, Hebrew prophet
  • Jeremiah of Wallachia, religious and village
  • Geremia Barsottini, religious, poet and literary critic of the village
  • Geremia Bonomelli, Catholic bishop of the village
  • Geremia Di Costanzo, taekwondoka and the village
  • Geremia Grandelis, sculptor and the village
  • Geremia Lodi, chess player and the village
  • Geremia Longobardo, actor and the village
  • Geremia Lunardelli, Brazilian entrepreneur
  • Geremia Re, painter of the village
  • Jeremiah II Tranos, Greek Orthodox Archbishop

Song dedicated to Jeremiah

We chose "Heaven (Don have a name)" by Sam Feldt where the actor also sings Jeremy Renner with a powerful and inspired voice.

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