Name for child: Lorenzo. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Lorenzo, name for child

Lorenzo is a name of Latin origins that is particularly widespread both in the country and in the Anglo-Saxon countries. We discover in this guide the origin, personality and curiosities of name Lorenzo for child.


The name day is celebrated on August 10th in memory of San Lorenzo, martyr and patron saint of librarians, cooks, booksellers, pastry chefs, vermicellai, firefighters, caterers and glass workers.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Loris, Laurentino
  • Female: Lorenza

Foreign variants

  • English: Laurence, Lawrence
  • English: Laurent, Laurentin
  • Spanish: Lorenzo
  • German: Lorenz

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Origins and etymology of the name Lorenzo

The name Lorenzo derives from the Latin surname Laurentius, which was brought by the inhabitants of the ancient Lazio city of Laurentum which, according to tradition, was built in a place where many laurus plants (laurel in Latin) grew. Other sources, however, trace the name Lorenzo back to the same laurus, the laurel plant that was placed on the heads of poets and commanders who returned victorious from the war.

Meaning of the name Lorenzo

The meaning of the name Lorenzo can be interpreted in two ways: it can mean "inhabitant of Laurentum", or "he who is surrounded by laurel" (the same meaning of the name Laura).

Spread of the name Lorenzo

The name Lorenzo spread in a Christian environment thanks to the cult of San Lorenzo. In Anglo-Saxon countries the name Laurence had great popularity thanks to Lorenzo of Canterbury.

Lorenzo has been one of the most popular and popular names in the town for many years: according to the data ISTAT in 1999 Lorenzo 7499 newborns were called while in 2022 the number dropped to 6331.

Personality of a child named Lorenzo

Lorenzo stands out thanks to his strong sense ofhumor, his generosity and sensitivity. AND' introverted and it has a tendency to hide its vulnerability, it has a flexible character that is able to adapt even to extreme situations. Appreciate i congratulations and always tries to be appreciated and to lead by example, has a fighting spirit and a strong personality. His nature is double: he has an extremely soul communicative with those who appreciate him and with the people he is familiar with, while with others he can be very introverted and seem aloof and suspicious.

He has a great sense offriendship, is trustworthy and loves to give advice. He is an emotional and passionate person, he is demanding with his partner, he has great family value.

What profession will Lorenzo do? Has a good relationship with the money and a keen sense of business that allows him to invest, take advantage of the opportunities that arise. He is creative and imaginative, but he can also take up professions related to the world of art, politics, communication.

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Zodiac sign

The astrological sign that determines the character of Lorenzo is the Capricorn, characterized by a great sense of responsibility and discipline. Capricorns are perfect leaders, emotional but with great self-control.


Lorenzo's color is yellow, which reflects good humor and joie de vivre. Just like the yellow, Lorenzo is generous, but also wise and balanced.

Precious stone

L'agata it is Lorenzo's amulet and corresponds to his character traits, a stone that reveals energy and vitality, but also courage. Furthermore, agate is a gem known to protect against bad luck and Lorenzo is particularly lucky especially in his relationship with money.

Lucky number

Lorenzo's lucky number is the1, symbol of courage, resourcefulness, leadership skills.

Famous people named Lorenzo

  • Lorenzo, Spanish religious and saint
  • Lorenzo da Brindisi, religious and saint of the village
  • Lorenzo Bandini, car driver and the village
  • Lorenzo Bartolini, sculptor and the village
  • Lorenzo Cherubini, real name of Jovanotti, singer-songwriter, rapper and disc jockey el paeseno
  • Lorenzo Da Ponte, librettist, poet, writer, playwright and professor in the naturalized American country
  • Lorenzo de 'Medici known as the Magnificent, writer, politician and patron of the country
  • Lorenzo Fragola, singer of the village
  • Lorenzo Ghiberti, sculptor, goldsmith, architect and writer of art in the countryside
  • Lorenzo Lippi, painter, poet and writer in the village
  • Lorenzo Lotto, painter of the village
  • Lorenzo Perosi, presbyter and composer el village

Song dedicated to Lorenzo

We dedicate the song by Lorenzo to the little ones Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, "For you"

It is for you that the trees are green
and pink bows in maternity
it is for you that the sun burns in July
this whole city is for you
it is for you that the walls are white
and the dove flies
it's for you December 13th
the school bell is for you
it's for you everything you see is ninna naaaa ninna eeee ...

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