Name for child: Luigi. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Luigi, name for child

One of the most classic and traditional male names, which never seems to go out of fashion, Luigi is a name of Franconian origins that is still very popular in the country. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.

Name for child: Luigi. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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In most cases Luigi celebrates his name day on 21nd June when St. Luigi Gonzaga, protector of schoolchildren, students and Catholic youth is celebrated, but there are also many other dates on which one can celebrate, such as, for example, the August 25th in memory of Saint Louis IX, king of France.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Luigia, Luisa

Foreign variants

  • English: Louis, Lewis
  • French Louis
  • Spanish: Luis

Origins and etymology of the name Luigi

The name Luigi derives from an ancient name germanic francone, Chlodowich, Hlodwig and Hlodowig, developed first in the form Clodovicus, which later became Louis and then Loois and Luis in old French. In this long history, many names have developed in various eras and in different languages allotropes (deriving, therefore, from the same matrix), like Alvise, Clodoveo and Ludovico. Etymologically the original Germanic name Hlodwig is composed of two elements: hlod (which many sources translate as "fame" even if it is still difficult to interpret today) and Vig which means battle, warrior.

Meaning of the name Luigi

Returning, therefore, to the study of the meaning of the two parts of the Germanic name Hlodwig we can say that Luigi means "famous warrior", or "famous in war".

Diffusion of the name Luigi

Luigi is one of the most popular names in the country and was the sixth most used male name throughout the twentieth century. Of course to contribute to that popularity it was both the many saints who bore this name, but also several sovereigns (including 18 kings of France). Over the last few decades, the diffusion of the name Luigi in our country is gradually decreased: in 1999 Luigi 1970 children were called, while in 2022 there were 1212. Luigi is currently the 44th most common name in our country.

Personality of a child named Luigi

Luigi is a man of principles, with great values, stubborn in the realization of his projects and with a deep moral sense. It is sensitive to compliments, appreciation and social recognition. It features a large sense of justice and is passionate about embracing important causes, loves to engage in the defense of justice, be helpful and is very protective.

Luigi is tenaciousStoic, he immediately goes to the root of problems and knows how to defend his ideas, when he decides to embrace a cause or accomplish something, Luigi puts into play all his imagination, resourcefulness and his rational method to be successful.

At the same time Luigi seems to have one double personality: he is obstinate and stubborn, at times categorical, but also silent, thoughtful, in the perennial search for knowledge.

Luigi loves reading, research, study and often bases his arguments on solid scientific reasoning. AND' pragmatic, balanced, and does not always trust others.

What profession will Luigi do? He has an extraordinary intelligence that will allow him to excel in every field, but he will especially appreciate the professions related to the world of travel, art, justice, medicine.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that comes closest to Luigi's personality is the Bull, known for his intellectual depth and determination.


Luigi's color is red, which expresses her enthusiastic, dynamic and profound personality.

Precious stone

The precious stone connected to Luigi is lo Emerald, symbol of wisdom and love.

Lucky number

Luigi's lucky number is 4: representation of concreteness, pragmatism and constructiveness of ideas.

Famous people named Luigi

  • Louis XIV, known as "the Sun King", king of France
  • Louis XVI, King of France, guillotined during the French Revolution
  • Luigi Cadorna, general and politician of the country
  • Luigi Calabresi, policeman and the village
  • Luigi Capuana, writer, literary critic and journalist in the countryside
  • Luigi Cherubini, composer and the village
  • Luigi Comencini, director and screenwriter of the village
  • Luigi Dallapiccola, composer and pianist of the village
  • Luigi Einaudi, economist, academic, politician and journalist in the countryside
  • Luigi Carlo Farini, doctor, historian and politician of the village
  • Luigi Galvani, physiologist, physicist and anatomist in the countryside
  • Luigi Federico Menabrea, engineer, general, politician and diplomat el village
  • Luigi Morgari, painter of the village
  • Luigi Motta, writer, playwright and journalist el paeseno
  • Luigi Pirandello, playwright, writer and poet el village
  • Luigi Pulci, poet and villager
  • Luigi Sturzo, priest and politician of the village
  • Luigi Tenco, singer-songwriter and actor from the village
  • Luigi Vanvitelli, painter and architect of the countryside

Song dedicated to Luigi

We chose "I am One" of Luigi Tenco

I am one

who does not hide his ideas, this is true

because I don't like those

who want to get along with everyone

and that change flag every time

to get by

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