Name for child: Marcello. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Marcello, name for child

Marcello has been, in recent years, one of the most popular male names in the country and is still widespread today especially in the central regions, such as Lazio and Tuscany. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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The name day is celebrated on 16st January, when the Church remembers Pope Marcellus I martyr during the persecutions of Maxentius, in 309.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Marcella

Foreign variants

  • French Marcel
  • Spanish: Marcelo
  • German: Marcellus

Origins and etymology of the name Marcello

The name Marcello derives from the Roman cognomen Marcellus, of the gens Claudia, which was a diminutive of the praenomen Marcus. It's probably a name theophoric referring to the god Mars.

Meaning of the name Marcello

Given its Latin origin and its direct reference to Mars, Marcello probably means "consecrated to Mars"

Diffusion of the name Marcello

Particularly widespread in the era Renaissance, Marcello is still quite popular today especially in Lazio, Tuscany and the central regions. According to ISTAT data relating to the most popular names in the country, Marcello was very popular at the beginning of the seventies while year after year his diffusion has declined markedly. In 1999, 299 children were called Marcello, while in 2022 this number dropped to 145. Marcello is, therefore, an excellent choice for those who want to give a classic and ancient name but certainly not very popular today.

Personality of a child named Marcello

Marcello has a spirit rebel and often nervous, at times he shows a certain anger and irritability and his temperament is unstable. His personality is characterized by combat, strength and perseverance that help Marcello a never be discouraged in the face of failures and always starting again with optimism. Marcello particularly appreciates challenges, stands out for his desire to be successful and independent. His unpredictable nature he can disconcert those around him, at times he seems elusive and haughty and his true personality emerges slowly, revealing itself gradually.

Marcello is confident and self-confident, at times he shows a certain arrogance, especially when he is sure he is right, his deep sense of commitment and honor pushes him to always respect his values ​​and ideas.

E' spontaneous, energetic, he puts all his efforts into making his dreams come true, he is likeable and imaginative. He has many passions and appreciates culture and all forms of art. He requires a lot discipline because he can be scattered and excessively indulge his imagination. Marcello is gifted with great vitality and a remarkable both physical and moral resistance, often needs solitude and independence to be able to develop his ideas and personal projects, and for this reason, even if he is sociable and very friendly, at times he feels the need to isolate himself giving the impression of being indifferent and even insensitive.

Marcello, therefore, has one extremely complex nature and his true personality risks remaining a mystery to those who come into contact with him.

What profession will Marcello make? He can be attracted to all sectors that can propose cutting-edge projects such as medicine, psychology, engineering, but he can also be satisfied to carry out an artistic and cultural profession.

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Zodiac sign

The astral sign that most corresponds to Marcello's personality is the Capricorn, known for his reserved, conscientious but also skeptical attitude.


The color that reflects Marcello's personality is theOrange, which expresses willpower and optimism and also refers to creativity and perseverance.

Precious stone

La malachite it is the precious stone for Marcello: it ensures protection, symbolizes the energy center and helps develop self-esteem and self-confidence.

Lucky number

Il 7 it is Marcello's lucky number, a symbol of completeness and great analytical skills.

Famous people named Marcello

  • Marcellus I, pope and saint
  • Marcellus II, pope
  • Marcello Amero d'Aste Stella, marquis, admiral and politician of the village
  • Marcello Foa, journalist and writer in the countryside
  • Marcello Fois, writer, playwright and screenwriter el paeseno
  • Marcello Lippi, footballer and football coach el paeseno
  • Marcello Malpighi, physician, anatomist and physiologist of the village
  • Marcello Marchesi, comedian, screenwriter, director, lyricist and songwriter el paeseno
  • Marcello Mastroianni, actor and the village
  • Marcello Piacentini, architect and urban planner of the village
  • Marcello Prando, actor, voice actor and dubbing director el paeseno
  • Marcello Simoni, writer and the village
  • Marcello Tusco, actor and voice actor of the village
  • Marcello Veneziani, journalist and essayist el paeseno

Song dedicated to Marcello

We have choosen Marcello, finally! de La Bohème by Giacomo Puccini

Marcello. Long last!

Here nobody hears us,

I want to separate from Mimi.


Are you fickle like that?


Once again I believed

I garden my heart,

But of those blue eyes to the splendor -

he is risen.

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