Name for child: Matteo. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Matteo, name for child

Matteo is one of the most popular male names in the country: it was in fourth place in the years 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 and it reached third place in 2009. Let's find out in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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The name day is celebrated in most cases on September 21th in memory of St. Matthew, apostle and evangelist.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Mattea
  • Male: Mattia

Foreign variants

  • French: Mathieu
  • English: Matthew
  • Spanish: Mateo

Origins and etymology of the name Matteo

Matthew comes from the Hebrew name Mattityahu, composed of the terms matath ("gift") and Yah (short for "YHWH"). Based on the Greek adaptation Ματθαίος (Matthaios), the name was later Latinized in Matthew and shares the same origin as the name Mattia.

Meaning of the name Matteo

Given its Jewish origin, Matthew can be translated as "gift of YHWH", therefore "gift of God".

Diffusion of the name Matteo

According to ISTAT data relating to the most popular names in the country, Matteo has been extremely popular for years, even if his diffusion has been experiencing a certain decline in recent years. In 1999, even 8703 newborns were called Matteo, but in 2022 this number fell to 4072. In any case, Matteo remains firmly in the top ten of the most popular names in our country and in 2107 it was placed at ninth place, while its variant Mattia he clearly surpassed it by finishing fifth in the standings.

Personality of a child named Matteo

Matteo is a man lovely and generous who does not like to say no to the people he loves and never abandons those who need him. His generosity pushes him to move seas and mountains in order to help a loved one and never expects anything in return except his smile. He has a very big one willpower who helps him always succeed in everything he does, he is a hard worker, dynamic and enterprising. He has a loving and affectionate nature with friends and family.

Matteo is a man of his word. For him, promising someone something means keeping their promise no matter what happens. His friends can count on hers loyalty and ask him for help in case of problems.
Matteo is romantic, faithful and selfless even in couple and family life, but he cannot bear to be deceived and hardly forgives those who betray him. To him, friendship is sacred and should not be tainted with resentment, jealousy or hatred.

What profession will Matteo make? He will probably choose a profession related to travel, tourism, transport or trade, but also gastronomy, social and medical.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that is closest to Matthew's temperament is that of Lion, energetic, stubborn, a born leader.


The color yellow it is the one associated with Matthew, a symbol of great energy, joie de vivre and enthusiasm.

Precious stone

Il topaz is the amulet of Matthew, a gem that symbolizes nobility of soul and loyalty, which has always been considered a lucky stone.

Lucky number

Matthew's lucky number is 7, consider the number of analysis and spiritual research and completeness, but also the number of reflection.

Famous people named Matteo

  • Matthew, apostle and evangelist
  • Matteo Bandello, Catholic bishop and writer of the village
  •  Matteo Maria Boiardo, poet and scholar of the village
  • Matteo Branciamore, singer-songwriter and the village
  • Matteo Garrone, director, screenwriter and film producer el paeseno
  • Matteo Liberatore, Jesuit, theologian, philosopher and writer in the countryside
  • Matteo Renzi, politician and the country
  • Matteo Ricci, Jesuit, mathematician, cartographer and sinologist el village
  • Matteo Rosselli, painter of the village
  • Matteo Salvini, politician and the village
  • Matteo I Visconti, man of arms and Lord of the city
  • Matteo II Visconti, co-Lord of the city together with the brothers Galeazzo II and Bernabò

Song dedicated to Matteo

It is entitled Matthew (All Around the World Live) a song by John Denver dell'album Back Home Again del 1974.

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