Name for child: Maximilian. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Massimiliano, name for child

Of ancient Roman origins, Massimiliano is a male name that is no longer so common in the country but which remains a perfect choice for parents who prefer to give their child a classic and at the same time uncommon name. We discover in this guide the origin, personality and curiosities of Maximilian name for child.


L'name-day it can be celebrated on different dates in honor of numerous saints: for example the 12 March, when St. Maximilian is remembered, martyr in Teveste, patron saint of conscientious objectors, or the August 14th, for St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, priest and martyr in Auschwitz, the August 26th, for St. Maximilian, martyr to the city and finally the 12 October, when St. Maximilian of Celeia, archbishop of Lorch is celebrated.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Females: Massimiliana

Foreign variants

  • English: Maximilian
  • English: Maximilian
  • Spanish: Maximiliano
  • German: Maximilian

Origins and etymology of the name Massimiliano

The name Massimiliano can have two different origins:

  • on the one hand it is customary to make it go back to the Roman nickname Maximilian, which was quite widespread in the aristocratic circles of the Roman Empire;
  • on the other hand it can have an origin equal to that of the name Massimo, and therefore go back to the name Maximus, which had the meaning of "descendant of Massimo", but also "very great, supreme".

Some sources, however, explain the origin of the name with the combination between the two names Massimo and Emiliano.

Meaning of the name Maximilian

Given the different hypotheses on the origin of the name we can say that Maximilian can mean:

  • descendant of Massimo;
  • supreme, sublime, grandiose;
  • eldest son.

Diffusion of the name Maximilian

The compound name, born from the union of Maximus and Emilian, appears for the first time when Frederick III of Habsburg, Sacred the City Emperor, chose it for his son Massimiliano.

Massimo is a name that always enjoys constant popularity in the country, while Massimiliano is certainly less widespread (and even less is his feminine variant).

According to ISTAT data, in 1999 they were called Massimiliano 524 childrenWhile in 2022 it was only that who chose this name 178 neogenitori el paeseni.

Personality of a child named Maximilian

Maximilian has a character Reserved e discrete, although he does not hesitate to appear friendly and outgoing in public. The challenges and difficulties stimulate him and he never misses an opportunity to demonstrate his abilities and test himself. His willpower is iron and helps him face life's challenges and overcome all obstacles he faces. He has great confidence in his abilities, he is stubborn and stubborn and hardly changes his mind. His curiosity encourages him to improve himself, while his sometimes excessive ambition stimulates him to give himself very high goals.

E' gallant ed charming, is jealous, faithful and detests betrayals. On the surface Maximilian may seem inaccessible and severe, but deep down he is actually tender and affectionate. He is always looking for the stability, both financial and emotional, but it does not change his mind, especially if the change can lead to improvement or allows him to reach a higher goal.

What profession will Massimiliano make? He is certainly driven by ambition, he can be interested in all professions that require reasoning and logic, such as those in engineering, science or mathematics, but also professions that require great spirit of observation and critical ability such as psychiatrist or professor.

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Zodiac sign

Maximilian's character is associated with the characteristics of those born under the sign of Scorpio: generous and helpful, they do not hesitate to become even bad if they are betrayed. To protect himself from suffering, he prefers to keep a certain safe distance from people.


Maximilian is associated withorange which evokes his creativity, his optimism and his constant search for both emotional and financial security.

Precious stone

Maximilian's amulet is the Topaz, a stone that highlights its elegance and originality.

Lucky number

Maximilian's number is 6, the "perfect number in itself", a symbol of a goal, of a goal to be achieved, but also of harmony and completeness.

Famous people named Maximilian

  • Maximilian I of Habsburg, emperor of the Holy City Empire
  • Maximilian II of Habsburg, emperor of the Holy City Empire
  • Maximilian II Emmanuel of Bavaria, Prince Elector, Duke of Upper and Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate and Governor of the Spanish Netherlands
  • Maximilian I of Mexico, Archduke of Austria and Emperor of Mexico
  • Massimiliano Frezzato, cartoonist and villager
  • Massimiliano Fuksas, architect and village
  • Maximilian Maria Kolbe, Polish priest
  • Massimiliano Pani, composer, arranger and record producer el paeseno
  • Massimiliano Rendina, world rally champion el paeseno

Song dedicated to Maximilian

We offer you a song by the French singer-songwriter Maximilien Philippe entitled It is so good

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