Name for child: Noah. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Noah, name for child

Noè it is a name of biblical tradition now obsolete, but its foreign version Noah it is, on the other hand, one of the most popular male names of international inspiration in recent years. Today, therefore, we discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


The name day is generally celebrated on November 18 when the Church commemorates and remembers Noah, the biblical patriarch, the one who built the Ark that allowed his family and also various animal species to save themselves from the universal flood.

Foreign variants

  • English: Noah
  • French: Noah
  • Spanish: Noah

Origins and etymology of the name Noah

Noah is the English variant of the ancient name Noah, which derives from the Hebrew name Noach, which was brought by the biblical patriarch who built the famous Ark.

It must be said that there is also one female form of the name - Noa and also Noah - which has a different meaning (it means "movement") but has the same Hebrew origin.

Meaning of the name Noah

The name Noah (and also Noah) means "quiet", "rest", "comfort".

Spread of the name Noah

In the last fifteen years, the name Noah has experienced an extraordinary exploit: just think that in el country, according to ISTAT data relating to the most common names, in 1999 only 18 children were called Noah, while in 2022 the absolute value even reached 683.

Definitely less fortunate and therefore widespread is the more classic Noah, which in 2022 was only given to 39 newborns.

Personality of a child named Noah

Noah has a spirit curious and eager for discoveries and adventures. He likes to take risks and stands out for his own courage and sometimes even unconsciousness. Noah has a great ability to adapt, loves to impress those around him and is always ready to find his place in the world and in society.

Noah ama he change and movement and nourishes his life with a thousand experiences.

Noah is spontaneous and impulsive, he hates monotony and appreciates surprises, the unknown and challenges. In order to discover new things and experience different adventures, Noah does not hesitate to accept change, novelty and takes nothing for granted.

Noah is hardly satisfied with what he has, in fact he risks being an eternal dissatisfied and does everything to overcome his own limits, to achieve ever-different goals, to juggle many projects at the same time.

Noah is nice and sociable, loves to volunteer, is generous and selfless and overflows with energy. He prefers his intuition to him and is tender and understanding with those he loves.

What profession will Noah make? You will find great satisfaction in the field of communication, from the teacher to the journalist, but also in commerce and in the travel sector.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Noah's unique personality traits is Scorpio who stands out for his loyalty, natural leadership and self-control.

Precious stone

Il topaz is Noah's precious stone: known to symbolize loyalty and justice, it promotes wisdom and tranquility.


Il red is the color of Noah, a symbol of heart, passion, power and sensuality.

Lucky number

Noah's lucky number is undoubtedly there'1: symbol of individualism par excellence, of great leadership and completeness.

Famous people named Noah

  • Noah Baumbach, American director and screenwriter
  • Noah Beery Jr., American actor
  • Noah Emmerich, American actor
  • Noah Gordon, American writer
  • Noah Hathaway, American actor
  • Noah Munck, American actor
  • Noah Ringer, American actor and martial artist
  • Noah Taylor, Australian-born British actor
  • Noah Webster, American writer
  • Noah Wyle, American actor

Song dedicated to Noah

We decided to choose the song "Beautiful that way", by the singer Noa, included in the soundtrack of the film by Roberto Benigni," Life is beautiful ".

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