Name for child: Raffaele. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Raffaele, name for child

Let's read the list of the most classic and ancient male names, as well as the most traditional, to discover Raffaele. A name certainly not modern but which continues to have its spread in the country above all because it is handed down from generation to generation. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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Generally the name day is celebrated on September 29th, when the three archangels are celebrated: Raphael, Michael and Gabriel. Alternatively, it can also be celebrated on other dates such as November 15 in honor of St. Raphael of St. Joseph, a Discalced Carmelite religious.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Raffaella
  • Male: Raffaello

Foreign variants

  • French Raphaël
  • English: Raphael
  • Spanish: Rafael

Origins and etymology of the name Raffaele

The name Raphael derives from the Hebrew רָפָאֵל (Rafa'el), composed of rapha ("he has healed") and El ("God").

Meaning of the name Raffaele

The meaning of the name Raffaele can be translated as "God healed"or"God is the healer".

Since it is a biblical name - it was the name of one of the archangels, present in the book of Tobias - we can also trace its meaning directly to the Bible: Raphael took care of Tobi, the father of Tobias.

Diffusion of the name Raffaele

Thanks to the figure of the archangel Raphael, this name has enjoyed great diffusion in Christian communities and in many parts of Europe since the Middle Ages. In the country it is quite widespread, especially in some regions such as Campania. In Tuscany, however, the Raphael variant is more popular. According to ISTAT data relating to the most common names in the country, in 1999 Raffaele 1277 children were called, while in 2022 there were 936. In 2022 Raffaele was placed in 49th place in the ranking of the most popular names in our country.

Personality of a child named Raffaele

Raffaele is a person humble and generous, who infects everyone with his good humor and sincerity: he is a reliable man and at times he can hide a great emotionality and hypersensitivity behind an apparent coldness and detachment.

Raffaele is impulsive and can easily give in to anger, is eager for knowledge, curious and endowed with great intellectual vivacity. He gives a lot of importance to others and their opinions, he is a bright and cultured man who loves to take care of his image of him and is looking for approval. Slightly pretentious, Raffaele does not hide his pride when it reaches a goal. He is a reckless person who can also ignore danger: he likes to test his limits. He is a man laborious and full of willpower, in love he shows his demanding and perfectionist side.

What profession will Raffaele make? You can opt for specialized professions, such as information technology, electronics or physics, or professions related to religion or those in contact with the public.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that most closely resembles the name Raphael is that ofAquarium. Those born under this sign have acute intelligence and great sensitivity.


Il yellow it is Raffaele's color: the color of the sun, just like Raffaele who always tries to shine in the eyes of others.

Precious stone

Il topaz it is Raphael's gem and represents strength and power. Topaz also symbolizes justice, loyalty and faith and also improves self-esteem.

Lucky number

The name Raffaele is associated with number 7, a sacred number, which symbolizes the cosmic and spiritual order and represents knowledge, the absolute, research and inner analysis.

Famous people named Raphael

  • Raffaele Cantarella, Greek and Byzantine scholar and the village
  • Raffaele De Rosa, motorcycle rider and the village
  • Raffaele Di Paco, pistard and the village
  • Raffaele Fitto, politician and the village
  • Raffaele Guariglia, diplomat and politician from the village
  • Raffaele Riefoli, in art Raf, singer-songwriter and villager
  • Raffaele Lombardo, politician and the village
  • Raffaele Palladino, footballer and the village
  • Raffaele Pisu, actor and the village
  • Raffaele Rossetti, engineer, officer and politician of the village
  • Raffaele Carlo Rossi, cardinal and the village
  • Raffaele Viviani, poet, playwright

Song dedicated to Raffaele

Do you know what infinity is? ... The unattainable end or goal

That you will chase all your life,

But now what are you going to do? ... now I ... I don't know ... countless of us

I just know it can never end

Never wherever you will be, wherever I will be

We will never stop

If this is love ... it is infinite love.

We chose the song "Infinite"by Raf, from 2001.

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