Name for child: Renato. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Renato, name for child

We are leafing through the book of traditional male names and by now a little démodé and we come across Renato, a name that is certainly traditional but now not very widespread. Today, therefore, we discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


There are several saints who have borne this name, so the name day can be celebrated:

  • September 29, when Saint René Goupil, Jesuit coadjutor, martyr in Ossernenon is remembered
  • 6 October, in memory of San Renato, bishop of Sorrento
  • November 12, Saint Renate, bishop of Angers.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Renata

Foreign variants

  • English: Rene

Origins and etymology of the name Renato

The name Renato derives from the late Latin term renatus, which literally means "reborn". It is a name of ancient Christian tradition that was given above all to people who received Baptism to emphasize the rebirth thanks to faith.

Meaning of the name Renato

The name Renatus, in Latin, means "reborn”, But also" born again "or" risen ". The Russian variant Renat was widespread during Communism because it is an acronym of revoljusija nauka technika: "revolution, science, technology ".

Diffusion of the name Renato

In the village Renato is not much nowadays widespread, however it has enjoyed great fortune in the past and is one of these names that are passed down from generation to generation. It is therefore very present especially in northern regions. The French form René has had a lot of luck throughout Europe and also in the country.

According to ISTAT data relating to the most common names in the country, 1999 children were called with this name in 136, while in 2022 there were 80.

Personality of a child named Renato

Renato has a nature gentle and reassuring, but he is also a seductive and pleasant person, with a discreet charm and surrounded by an aura of mystery. Renato tries to please others and this need to seduce can be a constant source of concern for him. He is very attentive to his family with whom he needs to be in tune and in balance, even if it means giving himself.

He excels when called to support, help, console. Love to feel Useful and he appreciates being loaded with responsibility: a weight he can carry on his shoulders very well. At the same time, however, if he is not gratified for his altruism and his kindness can manifest another nature and become selfish and withdraw into himself.

Renato is often a perfectionist and sometimes obsessive, and this tendency can manifest itself in different areas: for example, he could show a certain meticulousness in dressing, or a suffocating attention to his loved ones.

Even in the professional field Renato is precise, meticulous, kind and responsible. He is independent, he loves discovering new things, and he loves change. He often needs to move, experience the adventure, swing between hyperactivity and laziness.

Renato is a individualistic who likes to lead, direct and take full control of his destiny. He is ambitious, idealistic, he always tries to shine and to seduce and for this very reason he often launches himself into extremely altruistic and generous gestures.

What profession will Renato do? He will be able to take over a family business, but will also be attracted to professions of an artistic or aesthetic nature, or those related to food, hospitality, medicine or travel.

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Zodiac sign

Sagittarius is the sign that best represents Renato's personality, with his desire for adventure and change, but also his generosity and charm.

Precious stone

Lo sapphire is Renato's birthstone, this gem inspires serenity, balance and harmony.


even the blu, the symbolic color of Renato, promotes calm, prosperity and mental balance.

Lucky number

Il 7 it is Renato's lucky number: it is the symbol of his constant search for knowledge and discovery, but also a point of arrival for individual completeness.

Famous people named Renato

  • Renato d'Angiò, known as "the Good", king of the city and of Aragon
  • Renato Brunetta, politician, economist and academic in the countryside
  • Renato Bruson, baritone and the village
  • Renato Carosone, singer-songwriter, pianist, conductor and composer el paeseno
  • Renato Cesarini, football player and football coach el paeseno
  • Renato Castellani, director and screenwriter el paeseno
  • Renato Dulbecco, biologist and doctor of the village
  • Renato Guttuso, painter and politician of the village
  • Renato Pozzetto, actor, director, stand-up comedian, singer and screenwriter el paeseno
  • Renato Rascel, actor, comedian, songwriter and dancer in the countryside
  • Renato Salvatori, actor and the village
  • Renato Schifani, politician and lawyer from the village
  • Renato Soru, politician and the village
  • Renato Turi, actor, voice actor and dubbing director el paeseno
  • Renato Zaccarelli, footballer, soccer coach and sports manager el village
  • Renato Zero, songwriter, showman and dancer in the village

Song dedicated to Renato

We chose the famous "Renato", the first song contained in the fifth album of the great Mina, which is called Renato.

Renato Renato Renato

I love you you did not understand

Renato Renato Renato

if you don't kiss me I won't live anymore.

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