Name for child: Sean. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Sean, name for child

If you love foreign male names and want to go too far in choosing a decidedly original name, Sean is the right one: it is an Irish form of the classic John which is pronounced "SHAWN" or "SHAAN" (in the Irish pronunciation). Today we discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.


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Since Sean is a variant of John, the name day is celebrated on one of the days when the many saints named John are commemorated. The main ones are:

  • il 24nd June to remember John the Baptist
  • il 27th December to commemorate John the apostle and evangelist

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: John
  • Female: Giovanna

Foreign variants

  • English: Shane, Shayne, Shaine, Shon, Shaun, Shawn

Origins and etymology of the name Sean

The name Sean is, as we have said, of Irish origin and is a variant of the more traditional and common John, a theophoric name that derives from Hebrew Yôḥānān. The Hebrew form is composed of Yehō- or Yah, short for Yahweh, (God's name) and chānān (or hanan, which means "had mercy").

But why and how John turned into Sean? In 1066, the Norman duke William the Conqueror conquered England, and with him came the Norman name Johan. After the conquest the Irish nobility in these areas was replaced by Norman nobles, some of whom bore the French Norman name Johan or the Anglicized name John. The Irish adapted the name to their own pronunciation and spelling, producing the name Seán. Sean is commonly pronounced "Shawn"(Seán), but in the northern parts of Ireland it is pronounced" Shan "," Shen "or" Shayn ", thus leading to the variant Shane. In other areas the name became Ian.

Meaning of the name Sean

The meaning of Sean is the same as that of John and John: merciful, kind or "had mercy".

Spread of the name Sean

Several people in the Old Testament called themselves Yôḥānān, and at one point it was the fifth most popular male name among Jews in Judea and was carried by numerous prominent rabbis and John, in its many forms and variations, is the most common name in the world.

In the country, however, it is by no means common: according to ISTAT data relating to the most common names, in 1999 they were called Sean only 21 children and in 2022 there were 13. Of course the traditional form is much more popular John, with an absolute value of 1999 in 4.036 and 2022 in 2655, while the variant seems to be growing Ian with an absolute value of 2022 in 83, a clear increase compared to 1999 when only 15 children were called Ian.

Personality of a child named Sean

Sean is a man jovial, open, hospitable, friendly, generally enthusiastic, even exuberant. It's a person bright who impresses with his strong personality, his refined and lively intelligence, his communication skills and his speed of understanding and action. Sean can be a bit opportunistic: he always manages to seduce and adapt to all situations.

He likes to be the center of attraction and often tends to overdo it, both to amuse and impress his audience.

Sensitive to flattery, Sean is a little narcissistic: he is attractive, hyperactive, interested in everything and never stops using his curiosity to get to the bottom of things and answer his questions.

Sean wants to please, seduce, charm and exchange with others. He is sensitive to beautiful things, to comfort and is strongly attached to his family. In love he is terribly demanding: he seeks perfection and therefore it will not be easy to find his ideal person.

What profession will Sean do? Sean will be attracted to professions related to trade, communication, oral or written expression even in the artistic field.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Sean's passionate and explosive personality is Leo: a born leader, capable of involving others, self-confident who loves being the center of attention.


Yellow is Sean's color: a symbol of energy, optimism and joy, but also of knowledge and fervent imagination.

Precious stone

Sean's birthstone is the topaz, called the crystal of potency since ancient times for its ability to increase energy and health.

Lucky number

Sean's number is 5, indicative of an outgoing and active person. The 5 represents mutability, energy and change.

Famous people named Sean

  • Seán Baptist Brady, Irish Catholic cardinal and archbishop
  • Seán MacBride, Irish politician
  • Seán T. O'Kelly, Irish politician
  • Sean Astin, American actor and director
  • Sean Bean, British actor
  • Sean Connery, British actor and director
  • Sean Maher, American actor
  • Sean O'Casey, Irish writer
  • Sean O'Pry, US model
  • Sean Paul, Jamaican singer
  • Sean Penn, American actor and director

Song dedicated to Sean

To celebrate Sean's energetic and explosive personality, we chose a hugely popular song by Jamaican rapper Sean Paul. Let's talk about No Lie which in the country in 2022 reached 4 platinum records.

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