Name for child: Sebastiano. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Name for child: Sebastiano. Origins, meaning and curiosities
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Sebastiano, name for child

Today, scrolling through the list of male names with a classic flavor but at the same time not very widespread, we are talking about Sebastiano. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for child.

Name for child: Sebastiano. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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The name day is generally celebrated on 20st January when the Church remembers St. Sebastian, a Roman soldier and martyr in the city. But there are also other saints who bear this name. Among these we point out:

  • Saint Sebastian Nam I-gwan, martyr with nine companions in Korea, celebrated on September 26th
  • Blessed Sebastian of the Apparition, Mexican Franciscan, remembered on 25 February.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Sebastian
  • Male: Bastiano

Foreign variants

  • French: Sébastien
  • English: Sebastian
  • Spanish: Sebastián

Origins and etymology of the name Sebastiano

The name Sebastiano derives from the Latin name Sebastian, which means "coming from Sebaste". The city of Sebaste, in turn, derives from the ancient Greek name σεβαστος, sebastos, which means "venerable.

Meaning of the name Sebastiano

Since the name Sebaste, the city from which Sebastiano derives, is translated with venerable (the correspondent of the Latin term Augustus), the same meaning is often attributed to the name Sebastian.

Diffusion of the name Sebastiano

The cult of St. Sebastian favored the spread of this name in Europe during the Middle Ages, especially in Spain and France. Sebastian lived in the time of Diocletian in the city, where he held a high office in the army, and is known for his miracle towards Zoe, Nicostrato's wife, who had been mute for years and who began to speak again after Sebastiano had touched her lips making the sign of the cross. Diocletian ordered his death and Sebastiano was tied to a pole and pierced by dozens of darts, but he did not die and thanks to the intervention of Saint Irene he was miraculously saved. His death occurred some time later, always on the orders of Diocletian. According to ISTAT data relating to the most common names in the country, Sebastiano is not very popular, but not even rare: in 1999 623 newborns were called in this way and in 2022 there were 545.

Personality of a child named Sebastiano

Sebastiano is a man methodical, ambitious and intelligent, it is a person tenacious who is not afraid to work hard to achieve his goals. She has a charm innate and a great eloquence that leads him to exercise a certain influence over others. Sebastiano is a little narcissistic, is polite, friendly, sociable, loves to be with others, likes to please women and does not like to be alone at home. He is a friend he always brings optimism and good humor.

E' comprehensive, loves to listen and give good advice, and thanks to his intuition and intelligence he is able to always give good advice, even if, for his part, he does not like to confide in others or expose himself too much and prefers to solve his problems alone. He is a caring and tender husband and father, he is great worker and a responsible man. He doesn't like to admit his mistakes and always wants to have the last word. As a child he is a child dreamer, curious and intelligent, and is always ready to protect his friends.

What profession will Sebastiano make? He will be attracted to professions in the field of research, but also more stable professions in the field of administration, or in close contact with nature or animals. But also jobs in the field of communication could be an excellent choice.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign associated with the name Sebastiano and that of Pisces: those born under this sign are sociable, communicative, understanding and very generous. At the same time, he is also extremely sensitive and touchy.


Sebastiano's color is yellow, symbol of power, light and excellence. Yellow also represents dynamism and joy, great qualities of Sebastiano.

Precious stone

The gem associated with the name Sebastiano is theAmber, the symbol of beauty, simplicity and balance.

Lucky number

Sebastiano's lucky number is 4, which helps him to maintain his constructive abilities and guarantees order and stability.

Famous people named Sebastiano

  • Sebastian, military and Roman saint
  • Sebastian I of Portugal, king of Portugal
  • Sebastiano Andreantonelli, priest and historian of the village
  • Sebastiano Caboto, navigator of the village
  • Sebastiano Conca, painter of the village
  • Sebastiano del Piombo, painter of the village
  • Sebastiano Ricci, painter of the village
  • Sebastiano Rossi, footballer and the village
  • Sebastiano Somma, actor and the village
  • Sebastiano Vassalli, writer and the village

Song dedicated to Sebastiano

Radiate simply, the candle is burning so low for me

Generate me limply, can't seem to place your name, cherie

To rearrange all these thoughts in a moment is suicide

Come to a strange place, we'll talk over old times we never spied

Somebody called me Sebastian

We have choosen Sebastian di Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel del 1973.

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