Name for child: Tobias. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Tobia, name for child

Tobia is a name of Hebrew origin, full of meaning. Even if it is not among the most common names in the country, it can still happen to meet adults or children who bear this name, especially in some areas of our country. For this reason, today, let's find out everything about the name Tobia: origins, meaning, curiosities.

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Tobias's name day is celebrated on November 2, in honor of blessed Tobias, father of Tobias, a character from the Bible, present in the Old Testament.

Foreign variants

The most common variants of the name Tobia are "Tobias" and "Toby", the latter also used in the feminine.

Origins and etymology of the name Tobia

The name Tobias derives from the Hebrew Tobijah. Tobias is the name of a character from the Old Testament, a just and good man as the Bible describes him, who lost money and sight for an act of charity. The peculiarity of this story lies in the fact that Tobias had a son with his same name, also called Tobiolo, who was sent by his father to take back ten talents of gold left in deposit with a relative. Along his way, Tobiolo met a man named Azaria, who, after hearing his story, suggested that he marry Sara, of killing a fish by keeping its gall and dressing the eyes of the father with that very liquid. Tobiolo so did the father Tobia regained his sight. Actually, Azaria was the Angel Raphael. 

Meaning of the name Tobias

Tobias, from Hebrew, means'pleasing to the Lord'.

Diffusion of the name Tobia

According to statistics, there are nearly 3000 people bearing this name in the country. Tobia, therefore, is a rare and less and less common name. The greatest diffusion of the name of Hebrew origin occurs in the South of the country and in the Islands (about 50%), in the North of the country it is about 30% and in the Center of the country less than 20%.

Personality of a child named Tobias

It is known that much of the character depends on the type of education, the family and social context in which one grows, yet the name can determine - at times - some characteristics of the personality. It is said, for example, that whoever bears the name Tobias is a very generous person, ready to give everything for others. Tobias is a person willing to put himself aside to help others, to take care of those most in need. Very faithful, he is not proud, proud, mean.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that most seems to represent Tobias personality is the Lion. A sign of fire, full of vitality, of radiance. Positive zodiac sign, sometimes self-centered, but also very generous.

Precious stone

Tobias's birthstone is diamond, while iron is the lucky metal.


The color linked to the name Tobia is, on the other hand, white. 

Lucky number

Tobia's lucky number is 8.

Famous people named Tobias

  • Tobia Loriga, boxer and the village
  • Tobia Ravà, artist from the village
  • Tobia Scarpa, architect and the village
  • Tobias Hoesl, German actor 
  • Tobias Menzies, British actor
  • Tobias Moretti, Austrian actor and theater director
  • Tobias Schenke, German actor
  • Tobia De Angelis, actor

Song dedicated to Tobia

The song we have chosen to dedicate to whoever bears this name is "Tobia" by Zucchero. An affectionate text that, in reality, the singer dedicated to his faithful dog Tobia lost. Below is the video:

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