Name for child: Walter. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Walter name for child

Variant of the name el paeseno, with a decidedly more classic flavor, Gualtiero, Walter it's a name for child particular that can be the right compromise for those parents who wish to opt for a less common but still original male name.


The name day can be celebrated on different dates, but in most cases it is celebrated the8th April in honor of Saint Walter (Gauthier, Gualtiero) de Saint-Martin de Pontoise, French Benedictine monk, first abbot of Saint-Martin de Pontoise, saint for the Catholic Church, who is sometimes also remembered on 23 March.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Females: Waltera, Valtera

Foreign variants

  • English: Walter
  • Dutch: Wolter

Origins and etymology of the name Walter

The name Walter comes from several forms of a single Germanic name (Waldhar, Walthari, Walthar). It is composed of the roots walda ("command", "powerful") and harja ("army"). As we said, Walter is above all a variant of the name el village Gualtiero.

Meaning of the name Walter

Given its Germanic origin, the meaning of the name Walter can be "commander of the army".

Spread of the name Walter

The name is not particularly popular. At the beginning the only name present in the town was Gualtiero, its variant Walter began to meet particular success only thanks to the great popularity of the Scotsman Sir Walter Scott, author, among others, of the Ivanhoe.

In recent times, the name is less and less widespread: according to ISTAT data, 1999 children were called Walter in 182, while in 2022 this number dropped to 48. However, Gualtiero is even rarer: in 2022 only 5 children were called in this way. all over the country.

Personality of a child named Walter

Walter has a reserved personality and intimist, reserved and at times it can even appear confused.

Seemingly independent, he doesn't really like to live alone and needs to rely on someone, especially on an emotional level. The home and family are therefore very important to him and he will work deeply and with all his strength to find balance and harmony. He loves comfort and having someone to take care of him.

However its apparent confidentiality and calm can hide a troubled and impetuous aspect that emerges especially when he is confronted with a certain degree of dissatisfaction. He has an innate sense of fairness and justice that drives him to find the right compromise for everyone.

As a child Walter, because of his lonely nature, could easily feel misunderstood and sometimes lonely. He will be driven to want to learn and deepen to be able to find the answers to the existential questions that often arises. Walter is a idealist: needs to be loved and appreciated. The more he feels surrounded by love and affection, harmony and serenity, the more he will be able to give the best of himself.

What profession will Walter make? His main ambition is not only economic independence: he loves to do as he wants and when he wants, free profession will probably be his preferential choice. Very specialized professions (such as technician or engineer) will be a great choice.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best expresses Walter's characteristics and personality is the Sagittarius: far-sighted, idealistic, capable of great adventures.


Walter's color is theOrange, which refers to the idea of ​​balance, wisdom and inner harmony.

Precious stone

Walter's lucky charm is theamethyst, linked to the idea of ​​balance and harmony both inside and towards the rest of the world.

Lucky number

Walter's number is 6 which expresses his deep inner desire to have a stable and loving family, and his need to work in harmony with others and to be appreciated.

Famous people named Walter

  • Walter Anderson, German writer
  • Walter Audisio, partisan and politician of the village
  • Walter Benjamin, German philosopher, writer, literary critic and translator
  • Walter Bonatti, mountaineer, explorer and journalist in the countryside
  • Walter Brennan, American actor
  • Walter Chiari, actor, comedian and TV presenter el village
  • Walter Chrysler, US businessman
  • Walter de Souza Goulart, Brazilian footballer
  • Walter Magnifico, basketball player and basketball coach el paeseno
  • Walter Matthau, American actor
  • Walter Mazzarri, football coach and player of the village
  • Walter Molino, illustrator and the village
  • Walter Novellino, football coach and player of the village
  • Walter Nudo, actor, TV presenter
  • Walter Pater, English essayist and literary critic
  • Walter Raleigh, English navigator, privateer and poet
  • Walter Scott, Scottish writer, poet and novelist
  • Walter Tobagi, journalist and writer in the countryside
  • Walter Valdi, artist, songwriter and actor in the countryside
  • Walter Veltroni, politician, journalist and writer in the countryside
  • Walter Zenga, footballer and soccer coach el paeseno

Song dedicated to Walter

"Walter the Magician" is a song written by Luciano Ligabue contained in the 1993 album Survivors and Survivors.

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