Name for girl: Agnes. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Name for girl: Agnes. Origins, meaning and curiosities
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Agnes, name for girl

In the list of female names of ancient Christian tradition stands Agnese, a name that is certainly classic and at the same time obsolete today. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.

Name for girl: Agnes. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Agnese generally celebrates the name day on 21st January, when the Church remembers Sant'Agnese, virgin and martyr to the city under Diocletian, patroness of girls. But there are also other saints who are celebrated, among these we point out:

  • January 29: Sant'Agnese da Bagno of la cittàgna or of Sarsina
  • March 1: Saint Agnes Cao Kuiying, Chinese widow and martyr in 1856
  • March 2: Saint Agnes of Bohemia or Prague, daughter of King Ottokar I, Poor Clare nun and founder of the Red Star Crucigers
  • April 20: Sant'Agnese di Montepulciano
  • September 1: St. Agnes of Verona
  • November 16, Saint Agnes of Assisi, sister of Saint Clare.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Agnesina
  • Maschile: Agnesio

Foreign variants

  • English: Agnes
  • French: Agnès
  • Spanish: Inès

Origins and etymology of the name Agnese

The origin of the name Agnes is Agnes, the Latinized form of the ancient Greek name Ἁγνή (Hagnḗ), but according to other sources the word Agnes may derive from Anu, a Celtic goddess.

Meaning of the name Agnes

The Greek term hagnòs means "pure", therefore, on the basis of the Hellenic origin of the name, Agnes can mean "caste"Or" pure ". Later the name was associated with the Latin word agnus "lamb”And it is precisely for this reason that the iconography of Saint Agnes often shows the figure of a lamb.

Diffusion of the name Agnese

Thanks to the cult towards Sant'Agnese, the name spread like wildfire throughout Christian Europe, especially in England during the Middle Ages. Today it is certainly rarer in our country, even if its degree of popularity remains unchanged over the decades: according to ISTAT data on the most popular names in the country, in 1997, 440 girls were called Agnese and in 2022 there were 459.

Finally two curiosity on the spread of the name Agnese in other countries. In Spain the form Ines it is extremely popular and has spread to other countries, including the country, while in the United States the name Nancy, which originated as a diminutive of Annis, a medieval form of Agnes, is now used as a name in its own right.

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Personality of a little girl named Agnes

Agnes is a person enthusiastic and often in a good mood, which is distinguished by its positive and optimistic nature. She is full of life, communicative, energetic, she loves to spread positivity around her. She has a deep sense of humor, hates monotony and strives to live a full existence and escape the routine. She has an innate curiosity, she is extroverted, sociable, always ready to leave for new adventures and she is not afraid of change, on the contrary she seeks it. She has great eloquence and communication skills, which is why he can easily attract the attention of others. It's a'loyal friend, sincere, available, always helps those in need and works hard to pursue their projects.

Equipped with great intellectual acuity, open-minded and ingenious, Agnese succeeds in everything she does, and is passionate about news and experiences. She is a woman full of charm, who manages to seduce, welcoming towards others and only a man with a strong personality will be able to conquer her.

What profession will Agnese make? She has a perfectionist and fussy nature that leads her to be extremely demanding of herself. Perfect for professions in the fields of communication, marketing, advertising, but also in the social field.

Zodiac sign

Precisely for her great curiosity and versatility in interests, but also for her adventurous spirit, the sign that comes closest to Agnese's personality is that of Gemelli.


Il green it is the color of Agnes, a symbol of enthusiasm, vitality and energy, also associated with an independent and free temperament.

Precious stone

Il citrus is Agnes's lucky gem, known for being able to strengthen the will, giving perseverance and determination.

Lucky number

Il number 3 it is Agnes's good luck charm, associated with great communication skills and social life.

Famous people named Agnes

  • Agnes of Anhalt, Duchess consort of Saxe-Altenburg
  • Agnes of Assisi, religious and saint of the village
  • Agnes of Bohemia, Czech religious and saint
  • Agnes of Burgundy, Duchess of Aquitaine and later Countess of Anjou
  • Agnes of Courtenay, mother of Baldwin IV and Sibyl of Jerusalem
  • Agnes of Merania, queen consort of the Franks
  • Agnes of Poitou, regent of the Holy City Empire
  • Agnese Maffeis, athlete el paesena
  • Agnese Nano, actress and the country
  • Agnese Possamai, athlete el paesena
  • Agnes Sorel, mistress of Charles VII of France

Song dedicated to Agnes

We chose the song "Agnese" by Ivan Graziani.

A little sun came out of this black sky

the urban winter seems almost a foreigner

Sweet Agnes Chocolate-colored Agnes

now that I think about it I've never kissed you

Sweet Agnes Chocolate-colored Agnes

now that I think about it

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