Name for girl: Amber. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Amber name for girl

Amber is an elegant name, very feminine and sophisticated. Let's discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this female name.


No saint was called Ambra so the name day is celebrated on 1th November, All Saints' Day, because it is an adespot name.


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Foreign variants

  • French Ambre
  • English: Amber

Origins and etymology of the name Ambra

The name Ambra has an Arabic etymological origin, in particular from the word 'anbar which meant ambergris.

The name then in Europe with the passage of time went to indicate the simple resin, which is called amber.

Meaning of the name Ambra

From the moment in which the name spread in the Middle Ages in Europe it assumed a precise meaning: this name was given to the newborn girls wishing them a radiant and bright future, just like amber.

Spread of the name Ambra

In the town, the name Ambra has increased slightly in recent years: according to ISTAT data, in fact, in 1999 170 newborn girls were called Ambra, while the number rose to 2022 in 631.

On the other hand, the English variant Amber is very common in Anglo-Saxon countries.

The name does not have a masculine variant.

Personality of a little girl named Ambra

Amber has a great capacity communicative and she knows how to impose her ideas and be respected: she loves to be noticed and lives life to the fullest. For her i family values they are very important and he does his utmost to make his parents happy and to be an example for those he loves.

E' friendly but he prefers to observe a person before judging or interacting with him, he has a high value of friendship and with his friends he is extremely faithful and helpful.

She has a good capacity for self-criticism which she uses to improve herself and is used to putting in as much effort as possible with excellent results.

She is constantly looking for emotional and affective stability and feeling loved is essential for her development as a child. She does not tolerate theinfidelity and if she is betrayed she can become aggressive and contemptuous.

What profession will Amber make? She could be interested in all the jobs that take place in the field of communication and journalism. But her availability towards others could also push her towards professions in the medical or social field.

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Zodiac sign

Amber's character is similar to that of those born under the sign of Sagittarius. Ambra tries to make his life always dynamic and original and is a warm, sociable and welcoming person.


Amber is associated with the red, symbol of passion and warmth. Red evokes success and energy, but it can also represent anger.

Precious stone

The Amber stone is the topaz, which evokes the greatness of the soul and originality.

Lucky number

Amber's lucky number is 5: linked to dynamism, to originality, it pushes the person to always overcome the pre-set boundaries.

Famous people named Amber

  • Ambra Angiolini, TV presenter, singer, actress and radio host el paesena
  • Ambra Lo Faro, actress and singer el paesena
  • Ambra Miglior, swimmer el paesena
  • Ambra Orfei, circus performer and TV personality el paesena
  • Ambra Vallo, classical dancer el paesena

Song dedicated to Ambra

Let's choose a song of the 311 called "Amber":

"Amber is the color of your energy: gold shines in you with natural light"

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