Name for girl: Amelia. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Amelia name for girl

The female name Amelia is a variant of the more classic and traditional Amalia and has found, in recent years, more and more appreciation among new parents and villagers, thanks to its diffusion in Anglo-Saxon countries and among characters from the world of cinema and entertainment. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


Amelia celebrates the name day on 5st January in memory of Saint Amelia, virgin and martyr in Catalonia who lived in the XNUMXth century.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Amalie
  • Male: Amelio

Foreign variants

  • French: Amélie
  • English: Amelia
  • Spanish: Amelia, Amelita

Origins and etymology of the name Amelia

The name Amelia, as we said, is a variant of the name Amalia, of origin Germanic, which derives from the word amal, "work".

Meaning of the name Amelia

The meaning of the name Amelia is therefore brought back to the term "work" and therefore is "laborious", "energetic", "active". A second hypothesis is that the name has a very ancient Ostrogothic origin whose meaning is "virgin of the woods".

Spread of the name Amelia

La spread of the name Amelia enjoys mixed fortunes over the decades and above all follows the fashions of the moment. Undoubtedly to contribute to his liking were several characters who have borne this name: from the evil witch who bewitches, bitter enemy of Scrooge Scrooge, to the famous aviator Amelia Earheart, up to the beloved film "The fabulous world of Amélie" in 2001.

According to the data ISTAT in recent years an increasing number of parents have chosen to call their daughters Amelia: in 1999 only 50 newborn girls were called this way in the whole country, while in 2022 this choice was made by 609 new parents.

Personality of a little girl named Amelia

Amelia has a character introverted he is discreet and can often appear, wrongly, a cold and haughty person. In reality it is just extremely reserved and behind this apparent distance Amelia hides a deep sweetness and sensitivity of mind, as well as a great altruism that pushes her to want to seek the happiness of those in her heart first than her own. She is therefore always ready to help others and she has an exceptional sense of loyalty and friendship. She therefore does not accept betrayal and dishonesty.

It's a lot emotional and easily runs the risk of being overwhelmed by her own feelings, easily changes her mood and can suddenly go into joy andexcitement to sadness.

Her insecurity towards herself and her potential leads her to appear weak, fragile, sometimes aggressive, but in reality when a challenge involves her she does not hesitate to show determination and great courage. His perseverance and stubbornness allow her to work hard to achieve her goals and not be discouraged by adversity.

She is feminine, elegant and sensitive, very loving and affectionate with her partner and her children.

What profession will Amelia make? It will be tempted by professions in the social field, such as law or medicine, or in the fields of communication and creativity.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that is best associated with Amelia's character is that of Cancer, which stands out for its great generosity and kindness, but also for its introverted and extremely sensitive character.


Amelia's color is violet: which evokes sweetness and propensity to daydream, but also the importance of friendship.

Precious stone

L'amethyst is the amulet of Amelia, a gem known for its soothing properties, but also capable of purifying the air and bringing well-being and harmony.

Lucky number

Amelia's lucky number is 9, linked to generosity and dedication to loved ones.

Famous people named Amelia

  • Amelia Andersdotter, Swedish politician
  • Amelia Edith Barr, naturalized American British writer
  • Amelia Chellini, actress and villager
  • Amelia Darcy, British noblewoman
  • Amelia of Gerona, Spanish saint
  • Amelia Sofia of Hanover, second daughter of George II of England
  • Amelia of Leuchtenberg, Duchess of Leuchtenberg and Empress of Brazil
  • Amelia Earhart, American aviator
  • Amelia Edwards, British writer, journalist and Egyptologist
  • Amelia Opie, British writer
  • Amelia Piccinini, athlete el paesena
  • Amelia Pincherle, writer el paesena
  • Amelia Pinto, soprano el paeseno
  • Amelia Rosselli, poetess and villager
  • Amelia Valli, nom de guerre of Gisella Floreanini, partisan, musician, teacher and politician el paesena
  • Amelia Vega, Dominican model
  • Amelia Warner, British actress and singer

Song dedicated to Amelia

We offer you this famous song by Joni Mitchell entitled "Amelia"and dedicated to Amelia Earhart the first woman who attempted the solo crossing of the Pacific Ocean and who disappeared together with her plane during the undertaking, a courageous woman, a dreamer, an authentic pioneer.

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