Name for girl: Anastasia. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Anastasia name for girl

An obsolete and not very common name, Anastasia is a baby girl name that has a noble and sophisticated flavor. Let's discover the origins, the meaning, the diffusion, the curiosities and the personality of who you are called Anastasia.


There are several dates on which you can celebrate thename day of Anastasia. On January 5, in honor of Saint Anastasia, martyr with other companions from Africa, or on March 10, for Saint Anastasia la Patrizia, a Byzantine noblewoman who became a hermit in Scete, but also on April 15, when Saint Anastasia is celebrated, martyr with Saint Basilissa in the city under Nero.

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Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Anastasio
  • Female: Anastagia

Foreign variants

  • French: Anastasie
  • English: Anastacia
  • Basque: Anastase

Origins and etymology of the name Anastasia

Anastasia derives from the Greek anàstasis which means awakening, resurrection. Therefore, it means risen.


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Meaning of the name Anastasia

It is a variant of the male name of the ancient Greek Anastasio, which refers to the idea of ​​the resurrection and awakening.

Spread of the name Anastasia

It found wide diffusion in the Christian East thanks to the cult of Sant'Anastasia martyr under Diocletian. In the country it is not very widespread, but it is certainly less rare than Anastasio. In our Country in recent years the name has risen in the ranking of the most chosen names by parents and villagers: in 1999 only 193 newborn girls were called that way, while in 2022 the number reached 421.

Personality of a little girl named Anastasia

Woman satisfied of herself and always ready for new discoveries, Anastasia loves adventure. She is very energetic, courageous and active. Of her Yours dynamism it involves anyone who meets her, even though her temperament can get explosive and sometimes her tantrums can cause misunderstandings. Her confident and proud air is like a shell that encloses her true nature, softer and more reflective.

The fact remains that it is subject to mood swingsand, is able to react dramatically to a trifle and show a sensitivity outside the lines. Can drop everything for one capriccio and then retrace his steps thanks to his intelligence and incredible dynamism. She is psychologically and morally above average but the small details of everyday life prevent her from evolving and showing the best of herself.

He has a fantasy exuberant and lively, an extremely developed intuition that allows her to avoid the pitfalls of life and advance with a confident air. It has a notable seductive power, but it has a complex nature, which oscillates between energy and moodiness. Its tendency to be reckless it could be a problem, and because of this her parents will try to guarantee her balance and stability. She is not an easy challenge given her nature of her dreamer and versatile of her.

Under this guise of self-confident Anastasia hides a certain however fragility emotional: she is a delicate person and when you get to know her better she will show her fresh side full of tenderness.

Not afraid of solitude and prefers to have few relationships as long as they are deep and authentic. He loves nature, simplicity.

What profession will Anastasia play? She will be particularly attracted to medicine, but also to the world of justice, she could be a lawyer or a magistrate. You may also be interested in professions related to the land, flowers, catering.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Anastasia is that of the gods Fishes. Who is associated with this zodiac sign is a fragile person who has a tendency to make choices that are contrary to their own well-being. Extremely creative, is loyal and blindly trusts his close friends and family.


Anastasia's color is pink: the color of femininity par excellence, in its purest form symbolizes seduction, romance and charm.

Precious stone

The gem associated with Anastasia is the malachite. It blocks negative energies and is associated with growth and abundance.

Lucky number

Anastasia's number is 4, the number of awareness and tangible things, associated with the ability to stimulate one's attitudes to build one's identity in a solid way.

Famous people and art who are called Anastasia

  • Anastasia, daughter of Emperor Constantius Cloro
  • Anastasia, Roman saint
  • Anastasia, Roman saint
  • Anastasia of Montenegro, Princess of Montenegro
  • Anastasia of Hohenzollern, German princess
  • Anastasia of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, princess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
  • Anastasia of Sirmium, Roman saint
  • Anastasia Kelesidou, Greek athlete
  • Anastasia Kōstakī, Greek basketball player
  • Anastasia Oberstolz-Antonova, Russian naturalized sled runner el paesena
  • Anastasia Silveri, naturalized Russian model el paesena
  • Anastacia, American singer-songwriter and stylist

Song dedicated to Anastasia

We offer you one of the most beautiful songs from the Disney animated film, Anastasia, which tells the story of the daughter of the Tsar of Russia, who has lost her memory and does not know her noble origins. It is about "When December comes", in the original version sung by Liz Callaway, in el Paese da Tosca.

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