Name for girl: Angelica. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Angelica, name for girl

Those who love female names with a classic and ancient flavor, with a deep and positive meaning, will be able to appreciate Angelica, a sophisticated and less common name than the more popular Angela. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of Angelica name for baby girl.


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The name day is generally celebrated on 6th December in memory of Beata Angelica of Milazzo, Franciscan tertiary. But the Church also mentions:

  • blessed Maria Angelica Mastroti mystic, (May 26);
  • Blessed Maria Luisa Angelica Prosperi, Benedictine nun (12 September).

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Angelico

Foreign variants

  • English: Angelica
  • French: angelique
  • Spanish: Angelica

Origins and etymology of the name Angelica

The name Angelica derives from the ancient Greek when it was used as an adjective and meant "similar to angels", in particular therefore emphasized his function as a messenger. Later he became in Latin, the adjective angelica, feminine of angelicus.

Meaning of the name Angelica

The Latin adjective angelica therefore means precisely "angelica", that is "of the angels". Later the term also acquired the meaning of "angelic person", similar to angels ".

Spread of the name Angelica

The name Angelica was used since Boiardo for the protagonist of his Orlando in love, and then he was taken up by Ariosto for Orlando furioso. From eighteenth century the name spread and entered common use throughout Europe.

In the village Angela is more popular, of which Angelica is considered a variant. According to ISTAT data on the most common names in the country, in 1999 760 girls were called Angelica and in 2022 the absolute value was more or less similar with 695. It should be emphasized, however, that at the turn of 2022 the popularity of Angelica's name has had an incredible surge: even in 2022 they were called so well 1996 little girls and Angelica occupied the 28th place in the ranking of the 50 most used names in our country.

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Personality of a little girl named Angelica

Angelica is an extremely woman bags, feminine and charming. She is appreciated by all thanks to her sympathy: she is communicative, sociable, outgoing and it is easy to make friends with her. Her seductive power is subtle and leaves no one indifferent.

Angelica is always cheerful and optimistic, persevering and determined, she dedicates herself with all her strength to achieving a goal and hardly lets herself be discouraged by failures which, on the contrary, strengthen her and increase her determination.

Angelica is idealist, elitist, look for the perfect man to whom she will devote affection and attention. Angelica has a subtle, delicate and feminine charm and is looking for an emotional and family stability. For protect her loved ones and her Angelica will do everything and will be very possessive and maternal.

What profession will Angelica make? First of all on a professional level, Angelica stands out for her ambition, her self-discipline and her great sense of responsibility. Angelica will probably orient herself towards the free profession, to maintain her autotomy and her independence, but she can also be realized in the commercial, sales, marketing or sports sectors.

Zodiac sign

Sweet and devoid of aggression, Angelica resembles those born under the sign of Libra: both are peaceful and shy away from quarrel and conflict if it is not necessary. Those born under Libra are constantly looking for balance and are sociable and generous.


Il yellow it is the color that best represents Angelica's personality: like her, this shade spreads energy, good humor, light and happiness.

Precious stone

Il lapis lazuli it is Angelica's stone: this gem spreads positive energy and brings happiness, it also promotes communication skills and amplifies Angelica's tender and affectionate nature.

Lucky number

Il 6 is Angelica's lucky number: a symbol of harmony, this number helps Angelica develop a sense of diplomacy that allows her to avoid confrontations and keep peace.

Famous people named Angelica

Angelica, singer the paesena

  • Angelica Blandon, Colombian actress
  • Angelica Bridges, American actress, model and singer
  • Angelica Catalani, soprano and the village
  • Angelica de 'Medici, a Florentine noble
  • Angelica Garnett, British writer and painter
  • Angelica Ippolito, theatrical actress el paesena
  • Angelica Lee, Chinese naturalized Malaysian singer and actress
  • Angelica Leo, actress el paesena
  • Angelica Livraghi, television personality and the village
  • Angelica Tintori, cartoonist and essayist el paesena
  • Angelica Van Buren, first lady statunitense

Song dedicated to Angelica

Angelica every object takes soul

and every sound looks like music

if you are there with your image

Angelica looks like you are from another reality

your roots on another planet

they make you eternal and full of life

remain as long as you want between my limbs and naked

inspire me before your virtues

Angelica heaven is here if you are there

A few lines of the song angelica from the pop group el paeseno"The Vibrations "

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