Name for girl: Anita. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Anita, name for girl

In the list of female names that wink at the classical and Christian tradition, but which have a particular and original note, we find Anita, very popular in the country thanks to the wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi, who was called Anita. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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Anita's name day is the 26 July, when St.Anne, the mother of the Madonna, is also celebrated.

Origins and etymology of the name Anita

Anita is a diminutive form of the Spanish name Ana, also present in the Portuguese version. Anna was the mother of the Madonna and Joachim's wife. The name Anna originates from the Hebrew word Channah which means "grace".

Meaning of the name Anita

The meaning of the name Anita, and of Anna, is linked to the term "grace" understood as "gift".

Spread of the name Anita

The name began to be very popular mainly thanks to the Brazilian wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi and later to contribute to its popularity was the success of the Swedish actress Anita Ekberg.

The name is also found, among other things, in English, Norwegian, Swedish. According to ISTAT data on the most common names in the country, an ever-increasing number of parents choose Anita for their little girl: in 1999 they were called 232 newborn girls while in 2022 the number rose to 942.

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Personality of a little girl named Anita

Anita is a woman sentimental, shy and discreet: he does not like to reveal himself immediately to others, but prefers to reveal his nature little by little. He has a tendency to internalize his feelings to show an image of a mysterious and strong woman. Anita is curious, she likes to study and deepen.

Anita came impose itself in its work and she likes to be flattered and listened to. She is honest and she runs away from meanness. She is helpful and thoughtful but she can become aggressive when prevented from expressing herself.

One of its biggest flaws is the laziness which can limit it in the pursuit of objectives and interests.
Anita is a woman protective, who loves to listen and give advice, when she has to solve some problem she prefers to do it alone or at most turn to a single trusted friend. She has a quiet nature, but can show a certain severity towards those who abuse her kindness and her availability.

What profession will Anita do? Authoritarian and loyal, Anita will have no difficulty in holding a position of responsibility. For her, professions in politics, freelance or entrepreneurship are perfect.

Zodiac sign

Anita is characterized by the sign of Lion: she is a fighter who is not afraid of obstacles and tends to want to be in control and leadership of everything.


Anita's determination and courage are represented by color Orange.

Precious stone

The name Anita is associated with the citrus, a stone that evokes the heat of the sun and which is also a symbol of power and positivity. Citrine helps Anita to be determined in carrying out her projects.

Lucky number

Il number 4 is Anita's lucky charm. This number stimulates calm and discipline and expresses the ability to do great things when she is motivated.

Famous people named Anita

  • Anita Augspurg, German feminist
  • Anita Baker, American singer
  • Anita Berber, German dancer, actress and writer
  • Anita Caprioli, actress and the country
  • Anita Carter, American singer
  • Anita Cerquetti, soprano the paeseno
  • Anita Ekberg, Swedish actress
  • Anita Garibaldi, Brazilian revolutionary
  • Anita Louise, American actress
  • Anita O'Day, American singer
  • Anita Simoncini, San Marino singer

Song dedicated to Anita

We choose the song "Anita" by Amedeo Minghi


My hope

Black wind go

As long as

You will have wings

Don't stop


Ner dream that will bring us

Go swallow

(chorus: go swallow ')

Wherever you go

Wherever you are

They will all look for you Anì.

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