Name for girl: Arianna. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Arianna name for girl

Ariadne is the name of a famous character from Greek mythology, she was the daughter of the king of Crete Minos who falls in love with Theseus and with her ball of thread helps him to get out of the labyrinth after defeating the Minotaur. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


The name day is celebrated on September 18th in memory of Saint Ariadne, martyr in Phrygia during the third century.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Arianno
  • Women: Ariana

Foreign variants

  • French: Arianne
  • German: Ariane
  • English: Ariadne

Origins and etymology of the name Arianna

The name Arianna derives from the Greco Ἀριάδνη, Ariàdne, composed of the prefix ἀρι- (ari), "much" and ἀδνός (adnòs), "pure", "sacred".

Meaning of the name Arianna

The meaning of the name can be translated as "very sacred" or "very pure".

Diffusion of the name Arianna

In recent years, the name Arianna has been greatly appreciated by parents and the villagers: from 2004 to 2022 it was between the 20th and 26th place of the most chosen names for the new born.

According to the data ISTAT on the most common names in the country in 1999 2481 newborn girls were called Arianna, while in 2022 2022 girls were called this way.

Personality of a little girl named Arianna

Arianna has a personality determined e mysterious, he is certainly a cerebral and intellectual person: he internalizes, analyzes and rationalizes. He has a restless temperament and with his own analytical mind he often asks himself existential and profound questions. At the same time, however, he has a particular inclination towards mysticism and irrationality. This dualism of her personality makes Arianna extremely fascinating: she has a skeptical mind, capable of great irony, constantly looking for answers.

She is curious and talkative but has a tendency to isolate yourself to carry out her introspective process by demonstrating that she can be self-sufficient.

Everything that is original attracts her, she likes to study, deepen and research in a calm and reassuring environment. In love and friendship she seems to be almost elusive because she sometimes tends to suppress her feelings about her and she can appear cold and numb. She carefully selects the people she surrounds herself with, she is extremely careful and prefers to be alone rather than with someone who does not fully satisfy her.

What profession will Arianna do? She is ambitious, able to seize opportunities and very hardworking so she will have no difficulty in standing out in any field. He will likely find gratification in the field of research and exact sciences, such as mathematics or physics, but also in the field of psychology or pedagogy.

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Zodiac sign

The sign of the zodiac that is best associated with Ariadne's personality traits is the Sagittarius. Those born under this sign are curious and constantly looking for knowledge and truth, just like Ariadne.


Il blu it is the color associated with Ariadne, a symbol of calm and tranquility, but also of emotional balance.

Precious stone

Ariadne's lucky stone is the topazAlso referred to as the crystal of power for its ability to promote self-realization.

Lucky number

Arianna's lucky number is 3, symbol of a creative personality capable of expressing herself and enjoying life.

Famous people named Arianna

  • Arianna Barbieri, swimmer in the countryside
  • Arianna Bergamaschi, also known only as Arianna, singer and actress el paesena
  • Arianna Ciampoli, TV presenter el paesena
  • Arianna Dagnino, writer, journalist and scholar el paesena
  • Arianna David, showgirl and actress el paesena
  • Arianna Errigo, fencer and the country
  • Arianna Huffington, a naturalized American Greek journalist
  • Lina Arianna Jenna, sculptor el paesena
  • Arianna Marchetti, television and village announcer
  • Arianna Ozimo, soccer player el paesena
  • Arianna Savall, Spanish musician and singer
  • Arianna Spessotto, politics and the countryside

Song dedicated to Ariadne

Arianna still does not know love

yet he would have so much to give

and dreams of being like her friends

who play it a lot and are never hurt by it

But she doesn't just want adventures

of kisses stolen in a hurry by the sea

he wants someone he can talk to

who does not make fun of her if she knows how to dream ...

These are the words with which Eugenio Finardi's song "Arianna" begins

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