Name for girl: Asia. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Asia, name for girl

Anyone who appreciates geographic female names with an ethnic flavor will certainly love Asia, which is one of the most common particular names in our country. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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It is an adespot name so the name day can be celebrated on November 1st, All Saints' Day. However, we point out that there is a sant'Asio, doctor and martyr, who is commemorated on 19 February.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Asio

Foreign variants

  • English: Asia

Origins and etymology of the name Asia

The name takes up that of the Asian continent. The term Asia derives from the Latin Asia and from the Greek Ἀσία which in turn originate from the Akkadian asu, which indicated theis. The name is also present in Greek mythology where we find Asia, mother of Prometheus and belonging to the Oceanine.

Meaning of the name

Asia therefore means "is"or in a broader sense"where the sun is born".

Spread of the name Asia

In the country, however, it is a fairly popular name. According to ISTAT data on the most popular names in the country in our country, 1999 newborn girls were called this way in 1089 while in 2022 they were 1407 and again in 2022 Asia was placed. In 34th place in the top 50.

We even point out that in the 2007 Asia became extremely widespread so much that this name was given to as many as 2662 girls and came in 19th place in the ranking.

In the country and in other countries we also find Asia as a diminutive of longer and rarer names such as Anastasia, Aspasia or Adelasia.

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Personality of a little girl named Asia

Asia is a person emotional and very sensitive, feels emotions and feelings intensely and this can often make her nervous and irritable.

It has a versatile nature and unpredictable which makes her go from intense joy to explosive anger at any moment. However, she is full of joie de vivre, prefers to be with her, loves life, moves and always tries to attract her attention to her in order to impress others. She has a natural charm which he often uses to bring others closer and enchant them.

She is a person attentive to the well-being and happiness of the people she loves, the value offriendship it is sacred and is very attached to the family. For this it is capable of big leaps of generosity and altruism towards those he loves. Asia is a great dreamer, she does not like conflicts and does everything to avoid them. She has an overflowing sense of imagination and she prefers to live extravagantly. She is dynamic and rigorous and her family comes before her professional life. She is attentive, faithful and romantic.

What profession will Asia do? You are likely to become a teacher, a psychologist, a sociologist, a social worker, a nurse - all professions that push you to help others. But thanks to her soul as an artist she can also become a musician or a singer.

Zodiac sign

Asia's personality traits are similar to those born under the sign of Cancer: extreme sensitivity, a certain emotional fragility and great joy of living.


L'Orange it is the color of Asia because it refers to her energy and her generosity.

Precious stone

Il citrus it is the gem of Asia. This stone acts against nervousness and promotes vitality and joy.

Lucky number

Il 3 it is Asia's lucky number because it promotes social relationships and communication.

Famous people named Asia

  • Asia Argento, actress, director and screenwriter el paesena
  • Asia Bibi, victim of Pakistani religious discrimination
  • Asia Cruise, American singer

Song dedicated to Asia

We chose the most famous song of the American singer Asia Cruise, titled Selfish

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