Name for girl: Assunta. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Assumption it's a female name particularly widespread especially in the southern regions thanks to the devotion to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary body and soul into heaven. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


The name day of Assunta is celebrated on August 15th, when the Church remembers the Assumption of Mary into heaven.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Assuntina
  • Male: Hired

Foreign variants

  • Irish: Subject
  • Polish: Asumpta

Origins and etymology of the name Assunta

The name Assunta has a Latin origin and derives from the term assumpta, which means "assumed". Someone links the origin of the name Assunta with the Spanish term Asunción, with which it has a common etymological root but has a different meaning.

Meaning of the name Assunta

The meaning of the name is, therefore, to be found in the Latin term assumpta which meant "taken up into heaven", "taken up into heaven".

Dissemination of the name Assunta

As we said, the name Assunta is particularly widespread especially in the southern country. In many cases it is a choice linked to family traditions (the granddaughters are called Assunta like the grandmother), or maybe the future mother asked for a favor from the Madonna Assunta and then gave this name to the child who came into the world.

It is certainly a very traditional name, which is often handed down from generation to generation.

Personality of a little girl named Assunta

Assunta is an extremely person susceptible and sweet, who loves being next to the people he loves and his family, they are also very lively and active and energetic women. She loves to be independent and take your own responsibility, aspires to peace and has a strong capacity for mediation. Her presence is reassuring to her friends and family. She generally is diplomatic and seeks compromise, but Assunta can also suddenly show hers short-tempered and impulsive nature.

He has considerable organizational skills and if he cares about something he is anxious to settle any conflicts or problems and restore peace and harmony. If he really wants something, he doesn't spare strength, energy and courage to get it and shows an iron determination in achieving the goal.

Often, however, she has a tendency to want to pose almost impossible challenges, certainly difficult ones, and she does so out of her constant desire to challenge herself and improve herself.

Assunta is proud and ambitious and aiming for success: she does not tolerate subordinate roles easily because she wants to shine and be a role model for others.

What profession will Assunta make? Her perfectionist nature of her will lead her to want to engage in professions as an executive or freelance in the medical field, psychology of psychology.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that comes closest to Assunta's personality traits is that of the Fishes, sensitive, dreamer, with a great inner life.

Lucky number

Assunta's lucky number is 2, considering the number of people who easily adapt to any situation in life, associated with teamwork, the ability to act and willingness and kindness.


L'Orange it is the color of Assunta, which radiates warmth and happiness and helps to regain positive energy in difficult moments.

Precious stone

The Assunta stone is the topaz which in the past was given to young women about to get married. It is a stone capable of giving joy and serenity, and of promoting inner balance.

Famous people named Assunta

  • Maria Assunta Alexandroff Bassi, writer and the country
  • Assunta Almirante, widow of Giorgio Almirante
  • Assunta Legnante, athlete and the country
  • Maria Assunta Lorenzoni, partisan and Red Cross nurse el paesena
  • Assunta Maresca, criminal and the village
  • Assunta Meloni, San Marino politics
  • Maria Assunta Pallotta, religious and the village
  • Assunta Randello, soccer player and the country
  • Assunta Stacconi, actress and villager
  • Assunta Viscardi, teacher and villager

Song dedicated to Assunta

If we want to dedicate a piece of music to Assunta we have to look for among the many choral songs and sweet music dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary or to the Assumption Madonna as "Of the aurora you rise more beautiful" by Compagnia Aquero

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