Name for girl: Aurora. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Aurora name for girl

For years in second place in the ranking of female names most loved by parents and the townspeople, Aurora it's a name romantic, poetic and of great style. Let's find out together the meaning, the origin of the name and the personality of who is called in this way.


Aurora generally celebrates her name day on 7th December in memory of the blessed Aurora Lopez Gonzalez, nun and martyr in Moncloa-Aravaca even if some calendars report Sant'Aurora on 20 October in honor of a Mannese saint who was however called Orora.

Varianti el paesene

  • Females: Aura

There is no male variant.

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Foreign variants

  • French: Aurora

In English, Spanish, German and in many other languages ​​the name always remains Aurora.

Origins and etymology of the name Aurora

Aurora derives from the Latin term aurōra which means precisely "aurora".

From the etymological point of view, perhaps it derives from the archaic Latin ausosa, which in turn probably originates from the Sabine Ausel as the divinity of the Sun was called, or from aurum, which means gold.

Meaning of the name Aurora

In any case the meaning of the name refers to the beauty and brightness of the dawn and light.

In Roman mythology Aurora she was the correspondent of the Greek goddess Eos, who flew into the sky every day to announce the arrival of morning and therefore of light.

Diffusion of the name Aurora

Aurora is a widely used name in the country since the Renaissance. And in the last ten years it has had growing success with new parents and villagers. In 2022 Aurora was placed at the second in the ranking of the top ten names and the most popular villages, immediately after Sofia, with 6687 little girls who have been called Aurora.

Personality of a little girl named Aurora

Aurora she has a charming, bright personality and seems born to seduce, please and spread peace, harmony and beauty around her. She gives off a sense of di calm and sweetness that helps those around her to feel in equilibrium.

Aurora is certainly looking forward to please and shows himself amiable, pleasant and helpful. She knows how to be very responsible, perfectionist and meticulous in her affairs and has an extremely scrupulous nature that does her justice in the fields of communication, social life and work.

Aurora is sensitive, reactive, intuitive, but often its great ability to imagination it prompts her to daydream too much trying to escape reality.

If her parents tend to protect her, Aurora risks escaping her own responsibility and not to really commit to life. Her parents therefore have a great influence on her and her future. Often Aurora prefers to focus on emotional and family fulfillment rather than professional fulfillment and the parents, therefore, have the task of push it to overcome its limits self-imposed and his fears.

What profession will Aurora make? She may be interested in professions social, such as the doctor or nurse, but also to those related to law and to justice, tomodern art and aesthetics, or the professions related to dexterity and craftsmanship that require great detail and precision.

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Zodiac sign

Aurora is linked to the sign ofAquarium, which highlights his thirst for change and freedom. Although Aurora is a rebellious and independent woman, she never refuses the support provided to her parents who are very close to her. Like an Aquarius, Aurora is intuitive and creative.


The name Aurora is associated with color Orange, symbol of optimism, communication, energy and love of life.

Precious stone

This name is represented by the Topaz, a stone that evokes wisdom and originality and which also stands out for its goodness and idealism.

Lucky number

Il 4 is the lucky number of Aurora, a symbol of concreteness and construction.

Famous people and art called Aurora

  • Aurora Aksnes, Norwegian singer-songwriter
  • Aurora Bautista, Spanish actress
  • Aurora Cancian, actress and voice actor and villager
  • Aurora Cossio, Colombian actress
  • Aurora Dan, Romanian fencer
  • Aurora Lussana, journalist and TV presenter el paesena
  • Aurora McKenny Pijuan, Filipino model
  • Aurora Miranda, Brazilian singer and actress
  • Aurora Quattrocchi, actress and the country
  • Aurora Quezon, first lady and Filipino nurse
  • Aurora Ruffino, actress and the village
  • Aurora Sanseverino, poetess, theatrical actress and patron of the countryside
  • Aurora von Koenigsmarck, religiosa tedesca

Song dedicated to Aurora

We cannot fail to mention "the aurora", the song that Eros Ramazzotti dedicated in 1996 to his daughter Aurora. The song was included in the album "Where there is a music"

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