Name for girl: Bridget. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Brigida, name for girl

One of the female names that boasts the greatest number of variants is Brigida: in addition to the most common one, Brigitta, in fact this name has many abbreviated and diminutive forms. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of Bridget name for baby girl.


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The name day is celebrated on 1 February in memory of Saint Bridget of Ireland or the 23 July in memory of Saint Bridget (or Birgitta) of Sweden, patroness of Europe. Saint Brigid lived in Sweden in the 1363th century and had eight children, including canonized Catherine. She is the founder of the Order of the Holy Savior in 1373 and the author of seven hundred revelations received from Christ or the Virgin. She died in the city in XNUMX after returning from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Brigitto
  • Women: Brigitta

Foreign variants

  • English: Bridget
  • French: Bridget
  • Spanish: Bridget
  • German: Brigitte

Origins and etymology of the name Brigida

The name Brigida derives from the Irish Brighid, Brigid or Brigit based on the root brigh, briga ("strength", "power") or alternatively on brig, brigant ("high"). Brigid was the name of the Irish goddess of fire, poetry and wisdom.

Meaning of the name Brigida

The meaning of the name Bridget can be: "strong", "powerful" but also as like "high" or "sublime". Other interpretations bring the name Bridget back to the Germanic term beraht which means "brilliant", "famous").

Diffusion of the name Brigida

The cult of Saint Brigid of Ireland and Saint Brigid of Sweden contributed to the spread of the name Bridget in Christian circles. If in the nineteenth century the name Brigida was quite common, today it is not at all. According to ISTAT data on the most popular names in 1999 42 girls were called Brigida while in 2022 there were even 11.

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Personality of a little girl named Bridget

Bridget is a woman independent, lover of his freedom, courageous and idealistic. She is sociable, emotional and sensitive with a great need for engaging and extraordinary personal experiences. If she gets pushed by her give her her ideals equity and justice does not hesitate to fight and go down to the front line, on the other hand it tries to avoid clashes and arguments and if it is wounded it withdraws into itself. Although she sometimes she appears reserved and proud, Brigida hides a significant shyness and a marked emotionality.

Love travel, change, diversity. AND' sentimental but sometimes naive and is always in the balance between the search for the new and the emotion and that of an affective and family stability.

She exerts a great fascination on those who know her thanks to her femininity and her capacity for seduction, she likes to surround herself with friends.

What profession will Brigida make? He will probably turn to the field of fashion, art or advertising; but he can also opt for careers linked to the world of nature or to social ones.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Bridget's personality is Aquarius, who always oscillates between independence and originality and can be capable of great things.


Il red it is the color of Bridget: it helps to channel the energies by fighting the passive ones. It is the symbol of great willpower and passion.

Precious stone

Ruby is Brigida's birthstone. The so-called "blood stone" helps awaken the inner potential by making you enthusiastic and active.

Lucky number

9 is Bridget's number: it contains in itself all the energy and completeness of the numbers that precede it.

Famous people named Bridget

  • Bridget of Ireland, nun, Irish abbess and saint
  • Bridget of Sweden, Swedish religious, mystic and saint
  • Brigida Banti, soprano the paesena
  • Brigida Morello, religious el paesena
  • Brigitta of Sweden, Swedish nobleman
  • Brigitta Boccoli, actress and showgirl el paesena

Song dedicated to Brigida

Brigitte Bardot, Bardot

Brigitte kissed, kissed

There inside the cinema

Everybody got afobou

It is the beginning of the famous "train" song Brigitte Bardot by the South American singer Jorge Veiga who dates back to 1960 and who has enjoyed many covers and reinterpretations over the years.

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