Name for girl: Camilla. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Camilla name for girl

Carried by a protagonist of the Aeneid of Viriglio, the female name Camilla it enjoys a certain fortune especially in the northern regions. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


The name day can be celebrated on different dates: 3 March, in memory of Saint Camilla of Auxerre, virgin, the 31st May, in memory of St. Camilla Battista da Varano, Franciscan Poor Clare of Camerino, or the 26 July, in honor of the blessed Camilla Gentili of Rovellone, of San Severino Marche.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Camillo

Foreign variants

  • French: Camille
  • English: Camille
  • German: Kamilla
  • Spanish: Camila

Origins and etymology of the name Camilla

The term probably has a Phoenician or Etruscan origin. The name Camilla it derives from the Latin surname Camillus which in Roman times indicated a child of free standing who assisted the priest during sacred rites.

Meaning of the name Camilla

The meaning, therefore, refers to a precise social condition of a child (Camillus / Camilla).

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Diffusion of the name Camilla

The popularity of the name Camilla is mainly due to the cult of St. Camillus de Lellis, founder of a religious order for the assistance of the sick (the Camillians) and patron saint of the sick, hospitals and of Abruzzo.

According to ISTAT data, in 1999 2197 girls were called Camilla, while in 2022 1896 newborn girls were called this way.

Personality of a little girl named Camilla

Camilla is a woman dinamica and full of energy autonomous, independent and endowed with great abilities that mean that it is always seldom to assume great responsibilities and undertake ambitious challenges. It's a born leader even if she is quite reserved and loves discretion. At times she can appear serious and rigid, but in reality Camilla is gifted with great emotionality, she is sociable and remains faithful to herself and her ideas about her and does everything to defend them and carry them forward.

It has a great intelligence and this pushes her to look at things with a certain critical spirit and skepticism.

He has a great sensitivity and a big heart, at times overly idealistic he exposes himself too much to possible disappointments in love and in 'friendship. About her Her outspoken and sincere nature makes her an ideal partner but sometimes her emotional instability makes others distrust her loyalty.

Camilla appreciates it exchange and dialogue is concerned with others, not with hasty and superficial judgments. He is aware of the value of money, is hardworking and persevering.

What profession will Camilla make? She will prefer the free professions or those that allow her to pay attention to details and to coordinate a working group with seriousness and precision. The professions in the field of health, aesthetics, art, real estate or exact sciences are perfect.

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Zodiac sign

The perfect sign to associate with Camilla is that of Lion, intelligent and pragmatic, gifted with an analytical mind and great courage.


Il yellow it is Camilla's color: cheerful like her, a symbol of energy and dynamism, but also stimulating and encouraging.

Lucky number

Camilla's number is l'1: symbol of the continuous search for perfection and completeness.

Precious stone

Camilla's birthstone is topaz, a gem closely linked to the development of intelligence, it also helps to focus energies and distribute forces.

Famous people named Camilla

  • Camilla Alfieri, alpine skier el paesena
  • Camilla Cederna, writer and journalist el paesena
  • Camilla Faà di Bruno, noblewoman of the village
  • Camilla Filippi, actress and the country
  • Camilla Läckberg, Swedish writer
  • Camilla Luddington, British actress
  • Camilla Marazzi, painter of the countryside
  • Camilla Martelli, first lover and then morganatic wife of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I de 'Medici
  • Camilla Patriarca, gymnast and the country
  • Camilla Ravera, politics and the countryside
  • Camilla Shand, formerly known as Camilla Parker Bowles, wife of Charles, Prince of Wales
  • Camilla Ella Williams, American soprano

Song dedicated to Camilla

Camilla is the title of a song from 2022 by Alborosie, a singer and musician from the native Jamaican country.

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