Name for girl: Carlotta. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Carlotta, name for girl

Until a few years ago Carlotta it was one of the most popular female names and was very fashionable. Today it is certainly less common, but still retains its charm. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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We have news of only one blessed who bears the name of Carlotta. It is about Charlotte Lucas, martyr in Angers, which is commemorated on 18st January individually (but also on January 2 together with the other martyrs of Agers). Alternatively, you can celebrate the name day on 4th November, when St. Charles Borromeo is commemorated and when even people who are called Carla or Carolina celebrate the name day.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Carlotto

Foreign variants

  • French: Charlotte
  • English: Charlotte
  • Spanish: Charlotte

Origins and etymology of the name Carlotta

Like Carolina, Carlotta is also a diminutive of name Carla. However, according to some sources, the name el village is nothing more than an adaptation of the name Charlotte, feminine of Charlot, diminutive of Charles.

But according to others, instead Carlotta would have been born in the country and would have become the French Charlotte after that Charlotte of Savoy she was given in marriage to Louis XI of France.

Meaning of the name Carlotta

It is, as we said, a variant of the name Carla, feminine of Carlo. The name Carlo means "male" and later in time the meaning became "free man".

Spread of the name Carlotta

According to ISTAT data, the name Carlotta ranks at the 38th position of the ranking of the most popular names in the country in 2022, with an absolute value of 1114 baby girls who have been so called. In 1999 this name was chosen by 927 parents and in the following years the absolute value increased little by little, reaching 1335 in 2008.

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Personality of a little girl named Carlotta

Carlotta is a woman extroverted, friendly, jovial and his good mood attracts support and love from others. She has an affectionate and sensitive nature and she needs to be surrounded by the people she loves in order to better express her talents. If she is betrayed or attacked she reacts with anger, because of his hypersensitivity, however, she can be very diplomatic when needed and likes to discuss and communicate. AND' curious, but also reserved and does not like to talk about herself with those who have recently met.

She is extremely dynamic in everyday life, she hates laziness and it is essential for her to act to feel alive. She is gifted with a great sense of humor, she likes to laugh and make people laugh and always manages to give herself time to relax and forget worries and stress. She knows how to make herself feel wanted, she loves being pampered and is tender and romantic.

He loves relax in nature, gardening or walking. She loves to be present in the life of his acres of hers, however sometimes she needs to disconnect and isolate herself from everything.

What profession will Carlotta make? You will be able to study and prefer to work in the humanities and social fields, but you will also find gratification in professions that require contact with the public or that require great communication skills.

Zodiac sign

Carlotta's character and personality resemble those born under the sign of Bull: faithful in love and friendship, they do not tolerate lies and betrayals. Stubborn and willing to fight for the causes they feel are right.


Il red it is Carlotta's color and symbolizes love, ardor and passion, but also energy and dynamism.

Precious stone

Carlotta is associated with the ruby, a symbol of passion and serenity, known for bringing wealth and protection. Ruby is also considered a symbol of happiness and harmony.

Lucky number

Il 3 is Carlotta's lucky number, which symbolizes creativity and the deep energy of the intellect.

Famous people named Carlotta

  • Charlotte of Belgium, Empress of Mexico
  • Charlotte I of Cyprus, queen of Cyprus, Jerusalem and Armenia
  • Charlotte of Luxembourg, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
  • Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen consort of the United Kingdom and later Queen of Hanover
  • Carlotta Ferlito, gymnast and the country
  • Carlotta Lo Greco, actress and the country
  • Carlotta Tesconi, actress and the country
  • Carlotta Natoli, actress and the country

Song dedicated to Carlotta

The Cure song, Charlotte Sometimes, single released in 1984, is dedicated to Carlotta.

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