Name for girl: Celeste. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Celeste, name for girl

celeste is a feminine name (which in some countries is also used in the masculine) that is very common in Latin American countries and is gaining increasing popularity in the country as well. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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Celeste can celebrate the name day on 27 July, when the Church remembers San Celeste or the 19st May or even l'Sept. 11, in honor of Blessed Maria Celeste Crostarosa, religious and founder. Alternatively you can also celebrate the 2st May in memory of two Holy Celestial martyrs, one of which is from the city.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Celestino

Foreign variants

  • French: Celestial
  • English: Light blue

Origins and etymology of the name Celeste

The name Celeste derives from the Latin term Heavenly it means "right of the sky".

Meaning of the name Celeste

The Latin name means "came from heaven"or" inhabitant of the sky ". However, given its auspicious meaning, it can also be understood as celestial, or" blue like the sky ".

Spread of the name Celeste

The name Celeste is not very popular in the country, however it is experiencing a time of growing popularity. According to the ISTAT name calculator, in fact, in 1999, 124 newborn girls were called Celeste, while in 2022 there were 642. Currently in the country there are more than 2500 people who are called Celeste and it was the 64th most chosen name in our country in the 2022. The name is also widespread in Christian communities, where it is used above all in reference to Madonna, who is invoked as Queen or Heavenly Mother.

Personality of a little girl named Celeste

Celeste has a personality joyful and energetic, which seems born to love and be loved, to seduce, to spread peace and beauty around her. A person always emerges from her aura of calm and delicacy that strikes and conquers those next to it. Celeste loves to be pleasant, helpful, caring and affectionate, but she also knows how to take responsibility for her and be meticulous and perfectionist when she needs it.

It is intuitive, receipt, sensitive and has a very developed emotionality, as well as theimagination which he uses to escape reality when it becomes difficult to bear.

It is important, given its nature, to avoid being overprotective with Celeste because an excess of protection could push her to close herself in her imaginary and imaginative world and escape reality. Celeste will seek her emotional and family fulfillment throughout her life.

What profession will Celeste make? You may be interested in professions in the social fields (nurse, doctor, teacher) but you may also be fascinated by law and justice, or by the world of art and aesthetics.

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Zodiac sign

The sign of the Zodiac that is closest to Celeste's personality is Aries: dynamic, energetic, curious and instinctive.


Undoubtedly the color of Celeste is the yellow, which refers to the idea of ​​dynamism, energy. The color of the sun is a symbol of knowledge, energy and great imagination.

Precious stone

Il topaz is the amulet of Celeste: for centuries a symbol of generosity, strength and wealth, it is a much loved precious stone, called "the crystal of power" for its properties.

Lucky number

Il number 2 it belongs to Celeste, a symbol of dualism, social relationships and reciprocity, but also of extreme generosity and great altruism towards others.

Famous people named Celeste

  • Celeste Di Porto, a Jewish woman from the country who collaborated with the Germans;
  • Celeste Holm, American actress;
  • Celeste Johnson, American model and singer

Song dedicated to Celeste

We chose the single celeste di Laura Pausini of 2022. The famous singer el paesena wrote this song dedicating it to her little girl, much loved and desired.

You'll have your father's eyes

and his melancholy

the timeless silence that pervades

at sunset the tide

will arrive

with the September moon

which will pay

its milk inside me

and I will love you

as happens in fairy tales forever.

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