Name for girl: Cloe. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Cloe name for girl

Among the female names of foreign origin that have been experiencing growing popularity in recent times there is undoubtedly Cloe, which can be declined with different accents and variations. Let's see in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of Cloe name for girl.


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There are no saints or blessed who bear this name, so Chloe can celebrate the name day on November 1st, on All Saints' Day.

Foreign variants

  • Inglese: Cloé, Chloé
  • English: Chloe, Khloe
  • Portuguese: Cloé
  • Spanish: Cloe

Origins and etymology of the name Cloe

Chloe comes from ancient Greek Grass (Chloe) which was also used as an epithet for the Greek goddess of earth, harvest and agriculture, Demeter. From the etymological point of view, the term Xλοη (chloe) means "green", "young", "fresh", and meant the fresh herb, just sprouted.

Meaning of the name Chloe

The meaning of the name Chloe is, therefore, young, fresh, but also "soft green grass", and is analogous to names like Verdiana.

Spread of the name Cloe

First of all we find a Chloe already in the Bible: she was a disciple of Saint Paul who is mentioned in the First Letter to the Corinthians.

In Anglo-Saxon countries the name began to spread with the Protestant Reformation, while in the country we find it in the Renaissance and then experienced a period of great popularity in the eighteenth century thanks to the pastoral fable of Longo Sofista "Daphni and Chloe" which was also taken up by Ravel in his ballet at a later time.

In the last century it has certainly become a rarer name and we find it mainly in the northern regions, however recently it is enjoying particular popularity.

Suffice it to say that, according to ISTAT data on the most common names in the country, in 1999 less than 5 newborn girls were called Chloe, but then, year after year, the absolute value grew exponentially and in 2022 it reached 577.

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Personality of a little girl named Cloe

Friendly, open and communicative, Cloe is a charming woman who too often risks worrying above all about her image. AND' original, extravagant, elegant and refined and never goes unnoticed. Her need to please and to be loved and appreciated often translates into kindness, availability and she can easily transform herself into a woman capable of taking on her responsibilities, both family and professional.

It's a'idealist, he often finds himself facing difficulties because reality clashes with his ideal; the family is everything to her and is ready to make any sacrifice to maintain harmony and unity. In his continuous search for the perfection, at times she risks losing sight of her real needs and this can make her feel trapped and give her the impetus to escape and change direction.

Chloe takes care of others, forgetting herself: she protects, comforts, defends, but too often she is suffocated by this need for love and harmony.

Chloe loves the freedom, the unknown, independence. He appreciates travel and change and does not tolerate routine, He is impatient and seeks perfection at any cost, even if this involves having to wait a long time.

What profession will Chloe make? Certainly she will be able to choose to realize herself at home, with her family, but she will also be attracted to professions related to travel, art, gastronomy and caring for others.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Chloe's personality is that of Gemini: those born under this sign are very communicative, fickle, full of interests and passions, difficult to interpret.


Chloe's color is blu, a symbol of harmony - the one that Chloe seeks throughout his life - but also of calm, balance and wisdom. Blue favors the search for emotional energies and the search for an inner balance.

Precious stone

Chloe's birthstone is lo sapphire, a stone capable of helping to maintain concentration on one's goals and not to waste energy. 

Lucky number

Chloe's number is 2 and refers to his extraordinary generosity and dedication to others. 

Famous people named Chloe

  • Cloe Elmo, mezzo-soprano the paeseno
  • Chloe Bennet, actress and singer
  • Chloe Bridges, actress
  • Chloe Csengery, actress
  • Chloe Webb, American actress
  • Chloé Delaume, French writer and publisher
  • Chloé Mortaud, French model

Song dedicated to Chloe

We chose "Chloe" by Elton John, from the 1981 album The Fox which is the final act of the long Carla Etude / Fanfare / Chloe medley:

How come you're so understanding
When I tell you all my lies
And pretending to believe them
See through all my alibis
And I need you more than ever
And I want you till the end... Chloe
How you handle what you live through
I can never hope to learn
Taking all the pain I give you
Loving blindly in return
And I need you more than ever
I will always be your friend
Chloe, Chloe

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