Name for girl: Dalila. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Dalila name for girl

Name of Hebrew origin, Dalila is chosen by an increasing number of new parents and villagers and is experiencing a moment of great popularity in recent years. His fortune is certainly due to the Old Testament Delilah, Samson's lover whose hair he cut in his sleep to deprive him of his immense strength and hand him over to the Philistines. Its variant Dalida, on the other hand, it is less common, but in the seventies and eighties it experienced a certain popularity thanks to the famous French singer Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti who chose Dalida as her stage name. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


The name Dalila is adhespot, so there are no saints who are called that way. Therefore Dalila can celebrate her name day on 1th November, days of All Saints.


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Varianti el paesene

Female: Dalida

There is no male variant.

Foreign variants

  • Spanish: Dalila
  • French: Dalila
  • English: Delilah

Origins and etymology of the name Dalila

The name Dalila derives from the Hebrew Delilah, which has its semantic root dll (dolal) which means “to languish” or “to vacillate”. The name from Hebrew was then transformed into Greek as Δαλιλα (Delilah) and thus came up to Latin and then to el paeseno.

Meaning of the name Dalila

The semantic root of the Hebrew name, as we said, has the meaning of languishing, but also wavering or dangling. Hence the meaning of the name Dalila can meet different interpretations:

  • delicate, loving and light
  • with long flowing hair
  • thin
  • miserable, poor.

Diffusion of the name Dalila

In the country this name is more common in the northern regions. It remains, however, a rather rare female name: according to the data ISTATIn fact, in 1999, 250 newborn girls were called this way, and the trend has remained almost unchanged since in 2022 239 girls were called Dalila.

Personality of a little girl named Dalila

Dynamics e affectionate, lively, open and singular, Dalila does not go unnoticeda and is keen to give an impression of strength and security, even if in reality she has a fragile soul and does not always have confidence in herself. Compensate for his vulnerability with her great communication skills: she always manages to convincingly express enthusiasm, joie de vivre and transmits these positive feelings to others as well.

She has a profound ability to persuade and knows how to enchant, seduce, distract those around her. She is curious, she loves games and fun and is interested in a thousand different things and for this reason she can have a tendency to be excessively distracting.

It has a iron will and an extraordinary capacity for action, known for her gab and her witty spirit. She always loves learning new things and is easily bored.

Sensitive e fanciful, it is important to stimulate her to cultivate her talents, her passions and her interests in order to feed her insatiable spirit. She has a keen sense of friendship and love and puts affection first.

What profession will Dalila make? Given its unstable and constantly evolving nature, it will prefer commercial professions, but also those in which the expressive aspect is privileged, so he can become a journalist, singer, public relations, lawyer, teacher, but he can also find satisfaction from professions in the creative and artistic fields or those related to children.

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astrological sign

The zodiac sign that is best associated with Dalila's personality is that of Scorpio: must always be at the center of attention, full of passion and energy.


Dalila's color is yellow, symbol of pure energy, enthusiasm and liveliness, the typical color of people who love active and full of joy of life who love novelty

Precious stone

Delilah's amulet and lucky charm is the ruby, a fiery red gem symbol of courage, strength and passion.

Lucky number

Il number 7 it is Dalila's lucky charm, a number that symbolizes the constant search for the new, but also a tireless experience of discovery and knowledge.

Famous people named Delilah

  • Dalila Cucchiara, basketball player and villager
  • Dalila Di Lazzaro, model, actress, writer and singer el paesena
  • Dalila Domizi, basketball player el paesena
  • Dalila Jakupovič, Slovenian tennis player
  • Dalila Nesci, politician and villager
  • Dalila Schiesaro, syncronetta el paesena

Song dedicated to Dalila

We offer you Delilah this single from the British band Florence and the Machine, included in the album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful and published on November 20, 2022.

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