Name for girl: Elena. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Elena, name for girl

Female name of Greek origin, very widespread already in Ancient Greece and Ancient the city, Elena has an ancient history and is always very popular also in our country. In Greek mythology Helen was the name of the king's wife Menelaus and the main cause of the outbreak of that much celebrated Trojan war narrated in poems and literary and theatrical works. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


Most women named Elena celebrate their name day on August 18th when it is remembered Empress St. Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine I who, according to history, was the one who, according to Christian tradition, during a trip to Palestine found the True Cross of Jesus' martyrdom.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Eleno, Elenio
  • Femminile: Elenia

Foreign variants

  • French: Hélène
  • German: Helena
  • English: Helen

Origins and etymology of the name Elena

The name Elena comes from the Greek name Ἑλένη (Hélenē). The origin of this name is still uncertain and can be traced back to the term helene (torch), helenos (brilliant) but also hele (splendor). But according to some it could also be a derivation of σεληνη (selene, "moon").

Meaning of the name Elena

Given the uncertain origin we can hypothesize that the name Elena has the following meanings:

  • bright, bright;
  • shining, sunny;
  • torch.

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Spread of the name Elena

As we have said, the name Elena was already particularly widespread in Ancient Greece and in the Roman Empire. Its popularity in the Christian era is mainly due to the figure ofempress Flavia Giulia Elena, mother of Constantine, who converted to the Christian religion. In the country, in the twentieth century, the figure of Elena of Montenegro, who was the penultimate queen consort of the country and wife of Vittorio Emanuele III of Savoy. According to ISTAT data, in recent years, the popularity of the name Elena has slightly decreased, going from 2923 newborn girls who were named in 1999 to 1736 in 2022.

Personality of a little girl named Elena

Elena may appear one at first glance shy and reserved person but she is, instead, a sociable person who loves to live a life out of the ordinary and easily attracts the sympathy of those who meet her. You have a keen sense ofhumor and a big one communication skillsalways manages to create a positive atmosphere around her. She is a very woman optimistic, but her deep sensitivity sometimes pushes her to be fearful and to isolate herself in order to escape reality.

She loves to stay with her family and cling to her closest loved ones, she is an idealist and always tries to build a better world for her and her family. She has an idealistic and generous nature and is gifted with a great spirit of compassion and ability to empathy. She is always concerned about what happens to the people she loves and she never backs down when it comes to listening or helping.

Because of the beauty of her character, her honesty and loyalty that distinguishes her, Elena is always appreciated and loved.

What profession will Elena do? She is endowed with great rigor and dynamism, but also with a powerful creativity. You will succeed in everything you do and will be highly appreciated for your ability to conscientiously engage in any task. For this you will easily make a career in any sector that interests you.

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Zodiac sign

The sign that comes closest to Elena's character traits is the Cancer: reserved and shy, extremely generous and loyal and sensitive towards his family.


Il White it is the color that best reflects Elena's personality, a color that recalls her sociable nature and her ability to sympathize with everyone.

Precious stone

L'opal is Elena's precious stone: it promotes emotional balance and brings harmony, stimulating creativity.

Lucky number

Elena's lucky number is 9, a symbol of altruism and generosity that refers to his deep idealism and his great compassion.

Famous people named Elena

  • Flavia Giulia Elena, Roman empress and saint
  • Elena Ceausescu, Romanian politics
  • Elena Lucrezia Cornaro, philosopher and villager
  • Elena Croce, translator, writer and environmentalist el paesena
  • Elena of Montenegro, princess of Montenegro and queen of the country
  • Helen of Bavaria, Duchess of Bavaria and Crown Princess of Thurn und Taxis
  • Helen of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, princess of the United Kingdom
  • Elena of Zadar, queen of Croatia
  • Elena Sofia Ricci, actress and villager

Song dedicated to Elena

We offer you The dwarf, a famous song by Lucio Battisti from 1972, included in the album Amore e non Amore.

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