Name for girl: Eliana. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Name for girl: Eliana. Origins, meaning and curiosities
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Eliana name for girl

Eliana is a name female of Latin origins who in recent years has experienced a certain popularity in our country. Contrary to its masculine form, Eliano in fact the feminine one is chosen by a rather large number of new parents and the villagers. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.

Name for girl: Eliana. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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The name day can be celebrated on different dates:

  • August 11, Saint Eliano of Philadelphia, martyr
  • August 18, Saint Eliana, virgin martyr in Amasea, from which the sisters of the congregation of the Daughters of Sant'Eliana take their name
  • 5 October, Saint Eliano, bishop of Cagliari and martyr

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Eliano
  • Female: Iliana

Foreign variants

  • French: Éliane
  • Spanish: Eliana

Origins and etymology of the name Eliana

Probably the name Eliana derives from the Latin Aeliana (in the masculine Aelianus), which was a Roman cognomen derived from the name Elio, but according to other interpretations Eliana could also derive from the Greek Helios, Sun.

Meaning of the name Eliana

Based on the double interpretation of the origins of the name we can say:

  • Eliana derives from the Latin surname Aeliana, which meant "belonging to Elio",
  • Eliana means "gift of the sun", if the Greek origin is taken for granted from the term hélios, sun.

We must also remember that the name Eliana coincides with another Hebrew which means "my God has answered".

Spread of the name Eliana

In the village, the female form Eliana, as we said, is certainly more widespread than the male Eliano, however it remains a rare name: according to ISTAT data, 1999 newborn girls were called Eliana in 104, while in 2022 this number dropped to 83.

Personality of a little girl named Eliana

Eliana is a warm, welcoming and personable affectionate. It has a calm nature and inspires serenity and peace. In fact, many seek his company precisely because of this extraordinary ability to convey well-being and tranquility. Eliana is careful, understanding and always knows how to soften the difficulties and problems thanks to this almost Zen attitude. Eliana loves her freedom and her independence, she is realistic, pragmatic and always has her feet on the ground.

He has intelligence intuitive and it's courageous, disciplined, organized. Sometimes this independent spirit of her can scare men, but Eliana can be extremely reassuring, almost maternal. She has a natural generosity which pushes her to want to help others even in times of difficulty and conflict.

What profession will Eliana make? Rigorous, attentive, precise, but also eager to keep her freedom Eliana will find gratification in the free professions, such as consultancy or commercial, but also in entrepreneurial ones and she can easily manage positions of responsibility without being authoritarian.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that is closest to Eliana's character traits is that of Cancer, extremely sensitive, generous, affectionate.


The color White is what is associated with the name Eliana, a color that expresses positivity and confidence in the future.

Precious stone

Considered the sacred stone of the god Apollo by the ancient Greeks, lo sapphire is Eliana's birthstone, which inspires calm, serenity, harmony and prosperity.

Lucky number

Eliana's number is1: linked to a strong sense of justice and harmony.

Famous people named Eliana

  • Eliana Lupo, voice actress el paesena
  • Eliana Miglio, actress and the village
  • Eliana Bouchard, writer

Song dedicated to Eliana

We propose Kissed by Nature, of Eliane Elias, Brazilian pianist, singer and composer.

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