Name for girl: Elisa. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Elisa, name for girl

Positioned in the top 30 in the most popular female names in the country, Elisa is a poetic and musical name, which continues to be highly appreciated in our country, albeit with a decline recorded in recent years. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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The name day can be celebrated on the same day as Elizabeth, on September 23th when St. Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, is commemorated. Alternatively you can celebrate the 26nd June in memory of Santa Elisa or the11 February in memory of Saint Eloisa, also called Elisa.

Varianti el paesene

There is no variant male, while the feminine hypocoristic exists Lisa.

Foreign variants

  • French: Elise
  • English: Eliza, Eliza
  • Dutch: Elise

Origins and etymology of the name Elisa

The origin of the name Elisa is not certain and there are several hypotheses:

  • some sources believe it to be a truncated form of the name Elizabeth, of Jewish origin;
  • according to others, however, the name Elisa originally comes from the Latin term Elissa, of uncertain origin and probably based on the Greek helixus, which means “to go around”.

Meaning of the name Elisa

Given the uncertain origins from the etymological point of view, we can imagine that Elisa means:

  • "God is perfection”Which is the probable meaning of the name Elizabeth (but it is not certain);
  • "turn around”If we accept the hypothesis that it derives from the Greek word elixus.

Diffusion of the name Elisa

According to the data ISTAT the name Elisa was in ninth place in the ranking of new born babies in 2004, however over the years its popularity has waned and in 2022 it was placed in 29th place in the ranking of the most popular names in our country. In 1999 Elisa 3307 newborn girls were called, while in 2022 there were only 1574.

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Personality of a little girl named Elisa

Elisa is a woman independent for which freedom is extremely important. She is often undisciplined, she loves to take risks and is individualistic, hating any kind of constraint. She is attracted tounknown and from what she does not know, she is often haughty and arrogant: she does not know half measures and this behavior can arouse some perplexity in those who meet her. She has a hard time taming hers impulsiveness which can put her at risk in her constant search for novelty and emotions. She loves to negotiate, bargain, communicate and when she is motivated she is full of energy and ready to commit, showing surprising and in some ways revolutionary power.

He loves direct, to command, to emerge, has practical sense and great organizational capacity. She does not love, so taking orders but giving them to others and this can be a real obstacle for parents who will strive to raise her. Needs Act and for this he loves or sports, action, group activities within which he can easily emerge. He loves to shine, to be at the center of the world and to give life to new projects and things.

What profession will Elisa make? It will hardly be possible only in the family or at home, but she will prefer all the careers that will allow her to travel, change, move, but she will also love the creative professions or those related to the world of communication.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that comes closest to Elisa's personality is Taurus: sociable and charming, possessive, tenacious and stubborn.


L'orange it is the color of Elisa, a symbol of completeness, inner energy and wisdom.

Precious stone

L'Amber is Elisa's lucky stone: an amulet capable of transforming negative energy into a charge of positive energy.

Lucky number

Il 9 is Elisa's lucky number: a number that symbolizes an enormous energy charge, capable of creating all kinds of things and projects.

Famous people named Elisa

  • Elisa, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer el paesena
  • Elisa Napoleona Baciocchi, daughter of Elisa Bonaparte
  • Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi, Napoleon's sister
  • Elisa Cegani, actress and the country
  • Elisa Ciccodicola, pianist and concert player el paesena
  • Elisa Di Francisca, fencer and villager
  • Elisa Isoardi, TV presenter el paesena
  • Elisa Mainardi, actress and the country
  • Elisa Meneghini, gymnast and the country
  • Elisa Santoni, gymnast el paesena
  • Elisa Sednaoui, model el paesena

Song dedicated to Elisa

We have choosen "Your way", the song that the famous and talented singer-songwriter el paesena Elisa dedicated to his daughter, with music and lyrics by Luciano Ligabue.

It will be difficult to grow up

Before you become too

You who will ask all those questions

I'll pretend I know more

Will be difficult

But it will be as it should be

I'll put the games away

I will try to grow

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