Name for girl: Emma. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Emma name for girl

Among the names women most loved in recent years by their parents and the villagers, Emma refers to ancient origins and traditions. Let's discover together the origin, the meaning, the curiosities and the personality of whoever is called Emma.


Emma can celebrate hers name-day on various dates, in honor of different Saints:

  • il 19th April, for St. Emma of Saxony,
  • il 29nd June, in honor of Saint Emma of Gurk, countess and founder of numerous Benedictine monasteries in Austri
  • il 3th December, when Saint Emma of Lesum, a noblewoman and benefactress, is remembered.

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Foreign variants

  • English: Emma, ​​Emmie, Emmy, Em, Ems
  • Portuguese: Mom

But in general all over the world the name remains the same, and there is no male variant.

Origins and etymology of the name Emma

The origin of the name refers to a diminutive of names germanici which began with ermen (hence Ermengarda, Ermentrude or Ermenegilda), as well as Irma. But someone is certain that her origin derives from the Germanic word imme, which means valiant, industrious.

Meaning of the name Emma

The meaning of the name, if we want to accept its Germanic origin linked to the diminutive of longer names starting with ermen, is to be considered as "universal","total". While for those who do derive from the term imme the meaning of Emma is "valiant, industrious, nurse".

Spread of the name Emma

Not widespread until the Middle Ages, it found wide diffusion in England after the conquest of the Normans thanks to Emma of Normandy. In the United States for years it has remained one of the most appreciated and bestowed names on baby girls, and even in the country Emma is very much loved.

For years it has been in the ranking of the ten most popular names in our country. According to the data Istat in 1999 only 665 girls were called Emma, ​​while in 2022 the number increased to 3.690, however, undergoing a decline compared to 2022 when counted well 4971 little girls who were called in this way.

Today Emma is al seventh place of the ranking of the ten most popular female names in the country.

Personality of a little girl named Emma

Emma has a character bright, bold, but sometimes a little bossy and prone to anger.

It tends to seem haughty and proud, and this is because she has great self-confidence and often dreams big. About her Yours will to succeed and reaching his goals is evident, but often the results obtained are not up to the efforts made because his mind is always a bit disordered.

E' curious, and this desire to know and to know sometimes pushes her to pass from one passion to another, from one interest to another without really deepening. She likes to change often and question everything. She dislikes monotonous life and routine, she is seeking freedom and is deeply feminist.

E' friendly, loves life and needs stable points of reference, to put his social skills to good use and not be too much egocentric and capricious.

Emma is sensitive to hers physical aspect, loves to dress well and take care of their exterior, has good taste and takes care of the house and of their belongings.

What profession will Emma make? She might be attracted to professions in finance and numbers, but also to occupations in the medical or paramedical fields, as well as those related to creativity and aesthetics.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Emma's character traits is Scorpio, known for their kindness and generosity, can be very firm and determined. The Scorpio woman knows how to assert her silent and deep feelings about her and is a perfectionist and rigorous at work, but also stubborn and stubborn.


L'Orange it is the color that is most associated with Emma's personality: it reflects energy, truth, the creative spirit and is also associated with intelligence and the search for inner peace.

Precious stone

Emma's birthstone is the topaz, symbol of wisdom and peace. It is said that it manages to stimulate inspiration and creativity and also helps to overcome one's fears and instill courage.

Lucky number

Emma's lucky number is 2, which pushes us to always see the double aspect of everything, but also to want to close the circle by bringing together everything that is separate, in a constant search for harmony and balance.

Famous people and artists named Emma

  • Emma d'el Paese, queen of France
  • Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont, wife of William III of the Netherlands
  • Emma Abbott, American soprano and theater manager
  • Emma Baron, actress el paesena
  • Emma Bonino, politica el paesena
  • Emma Bunton, British singer-songwriter, TV host and radio host
  • Emma Danieli, actress and television announcer el paesena
  • Emma Goldman, Russian anarchist
  • Emma Hamilton, British adventurer
  • Emma Marcegaglia, entrepreneur in the countryside
  • Emma Marpillero, artist, poet, writer and teacher el paesena
  • Emma Marrone, singer-songwriter and television personality el paesena
  • Emma Orczy, British writer
  • Emma Stone, American actress
  • Emma Thompson, British actress and screenwriter
  • Emma Watson, British actress, model and designer

Song dedicated to Emma

"Emma's Song"is a song by the Irish singer-songwriter Sinead O'Connor, included in the 2000 album Faith and Courage

The first time I saw you

I loved you

I loved you

Your face blue

Your eyes too

Your mouth too

Your mouth too

When I heart you

I wanted to

Give birth to you

Give birth to you

I made love to you

I made love to you

The great goddess

Had us blessed

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