Name for girl: Erica. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Erica name for girl

For parents who love names inspired by flowers and nature, Erica is an uncommon but highly suggestive female name. Let's discover the origins, the meaning, the diffusion, the curiosities and the personality of whoever is called Erica.


The name day of Erica it is celebrated, both for the feminine and the masculine form, the 18st May, the day on which Saint Erik IX of Sweden, martyr of Uppsala, is celebrated.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Erico
  • Female: Erika

Foreign variants

  • Finlandese: Eerika
  • English: Ericka, Erykah, Erika

Origins and etymology of the name Erica

The female name Erica has a double origin:

  1. in the first version, Erica is the feminine variant of the name Eric, which originates in the eighteenth century and which derives from the Germanic name Ireland: name composed of two elements, in which the second rìkr means chief and the first ei could always mean. So Erica would have this meaning: "who reigns forever", or "only mistress".
  2. Erica is one evergreen plant and therefore it is a floral-inspired name.

Meaning of the name Erica

If you think of the name linked to ancient origins, Erica is a variant of the male name Erico, very rare in the country. But many parents choose this name for their little girls because of its reference to nature.


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Spread of the name Erica

The name is always less common in el Paese: if 1999 newborn girls were called Erica in 863, in 2022 they were only 204. The variant Erika it is decidedly more widespread, but still decreasing: in 1999 1144 girls were called Erika, while in 2022 this name was chosen only by 281 parents and the villagers.

Personality of a little girl named Erica

Self-confident, emotional, sometimes short-tempered, Erica doesn't stop when faced with any difficulty: she likes to party and doesn't like privations. She definitely has one strong personality: on the one hand she can show great self-control, great dignity and rigor, she is a responsible person, she is not malleable and cannot be influenced, but on the other hand she hides a great emotional fragility, uncertainties and fears.

He is in great need of love, joy and pleasure, his moral sense is very strong and he hates lightness and superficiality. His future it will depend a lot on the emotional and family environment because too rigid obligations and constraints often prevent her from dreaming, desiring and realizing herself.

She enjoys solitude, punctuality, meditation and sometimes isolates herself too much. She is prone to skepticism because her clear and rational mind often leads her to do analysis and ask questions. She is very reserved, secretive, demanding, proud, she loves to have only romantic relationships equal to her.

What profession will Erica make? She will be drawn to all things intellectual and cerebral: research, science, technology, medicine, design and fashion.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign associated with Erica is the Balance, lover of the good life, of fun, of precious things, with a high moral sense and the perennial search for compromise and balance.


The color associated with Erica is the violet, linked to the most emotional and fragile part of the person, but associated with those who know how to identify with others. It stimulates the creative ability.

Precious stone

Erica's symbolic stone is theamethyst, a violet-colored variant of quartz. It awakens inner awareness and opens the mind to what surrounds it, counteracting selfishness and favoring empathy and interaction with the external environment and others.

Lucky number

Erica's number is 3, the number that combines the strength of 1 with the completeness of the number 2. 3 exudes optimism, great inner potential and excellent ability to interact and share with others.

Famous people and artists named Erica

  • Erica Alfridi, athlete el paesena
  • Erica Banchi, actress and the country
  • Erica Campbell, American model
  • Erica Caracciolo, basketball player and the country
  • Erica Dasher, American actress
  • Erica Gavin, American actress and designer
  • Erica Gimpel, American actress
  • Erica Jong, American writer, essayist, poet and educator
  • Erica Leerhsen, American actress
  • Erica Lillegg, Austrian writer
  • Erica Mou, singer-songwriter el paesena
  • Erica Necci, voice actor and villager
  • Erica Rossi, athlete and villager
  • Erica Vietti, volleyball player el paesena

Song dedicated to Erica

Erica Mou is a young singer-songwriter el paesena. We propose the video of "Now", a passage inspired by the novel by Chiara Gamberale.

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