Name for girl: Ester. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Esther name for girl

Esther is a female name of Hebrew origin that is particularly common in the North. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


Esther celebrates the name day on 1 July, when Esther the queen of Babylon is remembered.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Abroad
  • Female: Esther

Foreign variants

  • French: Esther
  • German: Esther
  • English: Esther

Origins and etymology of the name Ester

The name Ester can be:

  • a derivative of the name of Ištar, the Babylonian goddess known to the Ashtoret Jews (the etymology of the name is unknown);
  • a derivative of the Persian name sitareh which means star

Meaning of the name Esther

The protagonist of the famous biblical book, Ester, is a Jewish girl who marries Ahasuerus, the king of Babylon. The name Esther - which in Babylonian means "star"- is imposed on the young woman after entering the harem. A targum of the Jewish tradition explains that she was much more beautiful than"star of the night". Esther in Hebrew means"I will hide"In the Bible, Esther keeps her Jewish identity hidden to reveal it when she has to ask the king to save the Jews from the imminent massacre ordered by Haman.

Diffusion of the name Ester

Esther is not a very common name in the country. According to ISTAT in 1999 only 331 newborn girls were called Ester and the trend seems unchanged since in 2022 the name Ester was chosen by 326 new parents.

Personality of a little girl named Ester

Esther is a person reserved and discreet. She doesn't like shouting out her ideas about her, but at the same time she has a frank and sincere disposition and she always prefers to tell the truth.

Ambitious e safe of herself, Ester believes that life is often full of problems and that the main goal of existence is to overcome difficulties. She uses any means to avoid failure, she is smart, she trusts her beliefs.

Esther is badly in need of safety and for this he attaches great importance to money to material goods. She is generous, she loves offering help to the poor and sharing her fortunes with her family. She is very sensitive, suspicious and strict about people she doesn't trust. Protects those who love, do not hesitate to lend a hand to those in need, they love to spread the good around them.

Furthermore, she always carefully evaluates the pros and cons of each situation because she does not like to take unnecessary risks and does not venture into projects that she is not sure she can carry out. Thanks to his optimism and to his rigor he is able to complete any quality work in a very short time. In the family she is a romantic and attentive woman, but also demanding and rigorous.

What profession will Esther make? He will make a career in all fields that involve contact with the public such as commerce, sales, public relations, but also in those that require manual skills.

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Zodiac sign

Il Cancer it is the astral sign that is best associated with Esther's character traits. Those born under this sign are distinguished by their bond with the family.


Il White it is the color that best reflects Esther's personality. It symbolizes sincerity and generosity, but also goodness and humility.

Precious stone

L'opal it is Esther's lucky stone. An amulet that reflects wisdom and intelligence.

Lucky number

Esther's number is 1, a symbol of personal independence and leadership.

Famous people named Esther

  • Ester Balassini, athlete el paesena
  • Ester Botta, actress and the country
  • Ester Carloni, actress and the country
  • Ester Dean, American singer-songwriter, record producer and lyricist
  • Ester Lombardo, journalist and writer el paesena
  • Ester Mauri, painter of the countryside
  • Ester Mazzoleni, soprano el paeseno
  • Ester Toivonen, Finnish actress and model
  • Ester Workel, Dutch tank top

Song dedicated to Esther

"Ester" is the title of a famous piece from The Chameleons: "Ester big eyes, who know how to give love ..."

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