Name for girl: Filomena. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Filomena name for girl

Filomena it's a name very common female name especially in the southern regions, it has ancient origins and can be an excellent choice for those looking for a female name that is not very common nowadays but still traditional. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name.


Filomena's name day is celebrated on 5 July, in memory of the virgin saint Filomena, patron saint of San Severino Marche. But the name day can also be celebrated on 11 August in honor of Saint Filomena of the city.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Females: Filumena, Mena
  • Male: Filomeno

Foreign variants

  • French: Philomène
  • English: Philomena
  • German: Philomena

Origins and etymology of the name Filomena

The name Filomena finds its originality in the union of the two Greek terms philos, "friend" and menos, "strength".

Meaning of the name Filomena

Taking up the meaning of two Greek terms that give life to the name Filomena, the meaning can be "friend of strength", but it can also mean "loved" because it can be traced back to the Greek word philoumene, which means "beloved" and which is the present passive participle of the verb fileo, which it means, in fact, "to love".

Diffusion of the name Filomena

The name began to spread widely in the nineteenth century when a tomb with the name Filumena was discovered in the city.

Particularly widespread in Puglia and other southern regions, the name is not very common in the country: according to the data ISTAT in 1999 249 little girls were called Filomena, but in 2022 only 62 little girls in the whole country were called that.

Personality of a little girl named Filomena

Secret and sometimes mysterious, Filomena she is a reserved and sensitive person who tends to cling to her affections and withdraw into herself to avoid conflicts and anxieties. She is a person authentic, unable to lie, for her family and friendship are fundamental values ​​that she will never put at risk.

Has aintuitive intelligence, but often she does not have confidence in herself and has difficulty communicating: she will do her utmost to achieve her personal and professional goals because she is full of energy and passion. However, she needs calm and serenity to be able to put her talents to good use and sometimes she needs solitude and silence. Filomena may appear cold and distant, but in reality she is sensitive and vulnerable.

What profession will Filomena do?? Endowed with great intelligence, Filomena will be able to have great satisfaction from any profession in the field of science, technology and engineering.

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Zodiac sign

That of the Virgin it is the sign of the Zodiac that best represents Filomena's character traits: pragmatic, sensitive and concrete.


Filomena's color is blu, the color of calm and tranquility.

Precious stone

La moonstone is the amulet of Filomena, a perfect stone for the female soul, which stimulates intuition and understanding.

Lucky number

Filomena's lucky number is 7: it is the number closely linked to intuition, one of the main characteristics of Filomena.

Famous people named Filomena

  • Filomena of the city, santa el paesena
  • Filomena Delli Castelli, teacher and politics of the countryside
  • Filomena Moretti, guitarist el paesena
  • Filomena Morlando, woman and villager victim of the camorra
  • Filomena Pennacchio, brigand and the village

We also remember Mena, the protagonist of The Malavoglia by Giovanni Verga, and Filomena Marturano, the protagonist of the famous theatrical comedy by eduardo De Filippo, also interpreted by Sofia Loren.

Song dedicated to Filomena

Philomena is the title of a song by Afro pop singer Ariyo Awodele Ezechiele known as AREEZY

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