Name for girl: Flavia. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Flavia, name for girl

In the list of female names of Latin origin but not very common today we have chosen Flavia. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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The name day is celebrated in most cases on 7st May, when the Church commemorates santa Flavia Domitilla, nephew of Vespasiano, perhaps a martyr in Terracina. But there are also other saints who bear this name and as many possible dates in which to celebrate the name day:

  • June 3, St. Flavia, martyr in the city
  • August 3, Saint Flavia, virgin of Vercelli,
  • 5 October, Saint Flavia, Benedictine nun, martyr with her brothers Placido, Eutichio and Vittorino and other companions, under Saracen pirates

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Flavio
  • Female: Flaviana

Foreign variants

  • Spanish: Flavia
  • French: Flavie

Origins and etymology of the name Flavia

The name Flavia derives from the Roman cognomen and then praenomen Flavia, feminine of Flavius ​​which originates from the Latin term flavus

Meaning of the name Flavia

The Latin term flavus, from which the name Flavia originates, means "blond", "golden".

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Diffusion of the name Flavia

Very popular in Roman times and in the Middle Ages, the name Flavia became rarer in the following centuries even if it remains appreciated in Europe, especially in the country, Spain and France. According to the data ISTAT related to the most common names in the country Flavia is currently not very common: in 1999 486 newborn girls were called Flavia, and in 2022 there were 508 with a trend, therefore, substantially unchanged.

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Personality of a little girl named Flavia

Flavia is known for her discretion, there is a big esteem and a profound capacity for self-control. His personality is characterized by its ambition, it does not spare its efforts in trying to achieve its goals and in carrying out projects. Flavia stands out for her depth and for his aversion to any form of superficiality.

She has a spiritual approach to life, an analytical mind, and often gets involved with friends and colleagues who appreciate her great analytical ability.

She has a developed listening ability, is a perfectionist and does not like half measures: all her qualities allow her to constantly improve her intelligence and its versatile nature.

Flavia therefore has a strong personality, she is determined, seductive, but at the same time appears as a simple and original person. He carefully chooses friends and acquaintances and loves to surround himself with polite, kind and respectful people. She is organized, she strives for success and perfection and stands out for her disciplined and determined side, but also for her great willpower.

Flavia has a great sense oforder, she is possessive, she does everything to honor her promises and is always looking for emotional and family serenity, even at the cost of getting to the right compromise during a conflict.

What profession will Flavia make? The professions related to medicine, justice, social work are indicated, Flavia is also perfect for holding a managerial position or to carry out the freelance profession.

Zodiac sign

The astral sign that comes closest to Flavia's character traits is the Bull. Known for his loyalty and stubbornness, the Taurus is also distinguished by his tenacity and his sense of order and organization.


Flavia's color is yellow, which expresses generosity and also conveys knowledge and power.

Precious stone

The precious stone attributed to Flavia is the topaz, a gem that recalls loyalty and righteousness, but also symbolizes fidelity and wisdom.

Lucky number

Il 3 is Flavia's lucky number, a symbol of creativity, vivacity and passion.

Famous people named Flavia

  • Flavia Arrigoni, paroliera the paesena
  • Flavia Astolfi, singer, dancer and actress and villager
  • Flavia Bujor, French writer
  • Flavia Cercato, TV presenter and radio host el paesena
  • Flavia D'Angeli, politician and teacher and villager
  • Flavia Durand, painter and villager
  • Flavia Fortunato, singer and TV presenter el paesena
  • Flavia Paulon, film critic, journalist, screenwriter and writer el paesena
  • Flavia Pennetta, tennis player and the country
  • Flavia Perina, politician and journalist el paesena
  • Flavia Steno, journalist and writer el paesena
  • Flavia Vento, showgirl el paesena

Song dedicated to Flavia

We chose a song by the singer-songwriter Flavia Fortunato entitled "New love of mine"

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