Name for girl: Flora. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Flora, name for girl

If you love female names that refer to the fairytale world and nature, this is the right choice. Flora is not very common, slightly vintage and very elegant: the perfect name for those who want to opt for a name with a classic but uncommon flavor. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of Flora name for baby girl.


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The name day is generally celebrated on November 24 when the Church celebrates Saint Flora, martyr in Cordoba with Saint Martha in Cordoba. But you can also celebrate on other dates such as:

  • June 2, Saint Flora, Virgin of Issendolus
  • July 29, Saint Flora, martyr in the city with Antonino, Eugenio, Teodoro and Lucilla

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Floria
  • Male: Floro

Foreign variants

  • English: Flora
  • French: Flora
  • Spanish: Flora

Origins and etymology of the name Flora

Flora derives from the Latin personal name Flora, which in turn derives from the term flos, genitive of floris, which means flower.

Meaning of the name Flora

As we have seen, therefore, Flora derives from the Latin term floris, which literally means flower. In classical mythology Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, bride of the wind Zephyr.

Diffusion of the name Flora

The name began to be particularly widespread especially in the Renaissance period, while in Europe it found great popularity especially starting from the twentieth century, especially in aristocratic circles. In el country it is not very common nowadays. According to ISTAT data on the most popular names in the country, in 1999 56 girls were called Flora, while in 2022 the number rose to 97. Only in 2022 did the figure exceed 100 with an absolute value of 112.

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Personality of a little girl named Flora

Flora is an extremely woman determined who faces his destiny with courage. She loves to accept the challenges that face her and she loves to take care of herself and everything that concerns her. She leaves nothing to chance and no stone unturned. It's a lot sensitive and emotional, often to avoid suffering he prefers to remain silent or give up.

Flora has a discreet character and only trusts a few people. Although naturally nervous, Flora prefers to hide her frailties behind a smile.

She is very attached to her family and is constantly looking for emotional and personal security, she needs the support of her loved ones to be able to face the defeats and start again.

Its extraordinary communication skills often helps her to get out of complicated and difficult situations and manages to convince others thanks to her persuasive ability.

Flora is selfless and generous, does not hesitate to help those in need and to volunteer, driven by the desire to improve the world. She is gifted with great creativity, she loves change and does not hesitate to take advantage of the opportunities to test herself. It's a'idealist, she will be a loving mother capable of instilling in her children a great sense of responsibility.

What profession will Flora make? She can find success in the artistic or social field, so she could become an excellent teacher or sociologist or even a musician. However, she may also find gratification in choosing to devote herself to her children and family.

Zodiac sign

The sign that most represents Flora's personality is that of Aquarius: a person who has a marked intelligence and ability to persuade, always shows great enthusiasm in what he is committed to doing and is open, courageous and selfless.


The name Flora is associated with the green, symbol of hope, stability and energy.

Precious stone

If Flora were a precious stone it would surely be one Emerald, a symbol of sincerity and love.

Lucky number

Il 6 it is Flora's number: it expresses, in fact, stability and especially family harmony.

Famous people named Flora

  • Flora Carabella, actress and the country
  • Flora Chan, Chinese naturalized American singer and actress
  • Flora of Cordoba, Spanish saint
  • Flora Finch, British actress
  • Flora Fraser, XXI Lady Saltoun, British politics
  • Flora Gallo, singer and paroliera el paesena
  • Flora Perini, mezzo-soprano and the village
  • Flora Piccoli Mancini, musician and poet and villager
  • Flora Robson, British actress
  • Flora Torrigiani, dancer and choreographer el paesena
  • Flora Tristan, French writer
  • Flora Viola, sports leader of Paesena

Song dedicated to Flora

We chose a famous song from the duo Flora Cash intitolata You're Somebody Else

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