Name for girl: Gaia. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Gaia name for girl

If you think about choosing the name Gaia for a little girl, here is a small vademecum on the origins, the meaning, the diffusion, the curiosities and the personality of those who bear this first name.


There are no saints with this name, which is therefore adhespot. The name day occurs on November 1st, All Saints' Day. Otherwise you can celebrate the 10 March in memory of Holy Gaius Martyr. The variant "Gaiana"we celebrate the September 29th in honor of a saint who lived during the 312th century, a consecrated virgin and martyr under the persecutions of Diocletian in XNUMX.

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Varianti el paesene

In the masculine: Gaius, Gaius, Gaiano. Female: Gaiana, Caia

Foreign variants

  • English: Gaea
  • Polish: Gaja
  • French: Gaïa

Origins and etymology of the name Gaia

The name Gaia has two different etymologies and origins:

  1. In classical Greek mythology, Gaia o Gea she is the mother goddess of all gods, the life-giving mother earth.
  2. Secondly it represents the feminine form of Gaius, name of Etruscan origin. The ancient Romans used it in reciting this marriage formula: bi tu Gaius, ego Gaia, that is "Where you will be, Gaius, I will be there too, Gaia".

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Meaning of the name Gaia

It is a purely name el paeseno, among the top 15 most popular baby names in the country. Some sources give it the meaning of "happy", due to the association with the term el paeseno" gay ", or with the Latin gaude," joy ". While for others the meaning, to be found in the Greek origin, is" land" is "transparency".

Spread of the name Gaia

About 3691 people named Gaia have been registered in the country. It is a name chosen above all in Lombardy and Tuscany. In 2001 it was the 7th most chosen name in the country, while in 2022 it ranks in 13th place.

Personality of a little girl named Gaia

Gaia is a girl and woman from strong and determined character. Difficult to change her mind if she has made a decision. She is very attached to her family and needs the presence of her loved ones in her life to protect her balance. She is ambitious, competitive and even if her place is as a leader, she does not hold back if there is a need to collaborate and work as a team. She in love she is sincere, loyal, sweet, but also possessive and jealous. She is a rational person and she can handle her emotions. She stands out for her intelligence, spontaneity and joie de vivre.

Zodiac sign

The sign associated with this name is the Bull: a sensitive, selfless, very loyal, sincere and passionate woman in love. She is determined and always manages to accomplish what she does in life.


The color associated with the name Gaia is red which represents strength, passion, courage and activity. Under the influence of this color, Gaia will be able to focus her attention on her goals and will be able to face all difficulties. This name is also associated with color Orange, symbol of good humor, altruism, optimism and creativity. It is a color that is a symbol of rebirth after a defeat or a problem.

Precious stone

The stones associated with the name Gaia are the citrine quartz and topaz. Citrine is a stone that gives warmth and positivity. Topaz is a stone that infuses harmony and serenity.

Lucky number

The lucky number of Gaia is 8, symbol of ambition, strength and intelligence.

Famous people and art who are called Gaia

  • Gaia is the name of the Scrooge's adoptive grandson in the television series Ducktales.
  • Gaia De Bernardi is a character from the television series Camera Café.
  • Gaia Afrania, ancient Roman woman
  • Gaia Bermani Amaral, Brazilian TV presenter and actress
  • Gaia Bolognesi, actress, voice actress and radio host el paesena
  • Gaia da Camino, poetess and noblewoman and villager
  • Gaia de Beaumont, writer el paesena
  • Gaia De Laurentiis, actress and tv presenter el paesena
  • Gaia Germani, actress el paesena
  • Gaia Ranieri, singer and tv presenter el paesena
  • Gaia Servadio, writer el paesena
  • Gaia Straccamore, ballerina el paesena
  • Gaia Tortora, journalist el paesena
  • Gaia Vuerich, long distance runner the paesena

Song dedicated to Gaia

"The end of Gaia" is a single by the rapper el paeseno Caparezza, the fourth extracted from the fifth studio album "The heretical dream" and released on 21 October 2022. In the song Caparezza criticizes and mocks various apocalyptic theories and conspiracy theories, such as the UFO conspiracy, reptilians and chemtrails.

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