Name for girl: Greta. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Greta name for girl

Greta is a sophisticated and elegant name. Let's discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this female name.


Many people celebrate the name day on 22 February when Santa Margherita is celebrated, or on November 16.

Foreign variants

  • Danese: Grete, Grethe
  • English: Greta, Gretta, Gretchen
  • Norwegian: Grete, Grethe
  • Dutch: Greet, Greetje, Griet
  • German: Greta, Grete, Gretchen

Origins and etymology of the name Greta

Greta is actually a hypocoristic of Margherita which then over time has transformed into a real female name (in fact it does not have a masculine variant): Margherita originates from the ancient Greek term μαργαριτης (margarites), which indicated the pearl, then in the Middle Ages it was directly associated with the name of the flower, Margherita.


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Meaning of the name Greta

The name, referring to the name Margherita, means pearl, even if today it is considered above all the name of a flower.

Spread of the name Greta

The name was widespread in the Middle Ages in Christian circles thanks to the cult of Saint Margaret of Antioch.

ISTAT data reveal that the diffusion of the name Greta has certainly grown in recent decades: in 1999 1328 girls were called this, while in 2022 the number of newborn girls who were called Greta reached 3676.

Personality of a little girl named Greta

Greta has the ability to move from one mood to another suddenly, leaving everyone dumbfounded and surprised. AND' hypersensitive and it is a fascinating blend of woman and child: feminine, strong, seductive and enterprising.

Well-being and balance are essential for Greta to be able to develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

Greta can show herself shy and reserved and at the same time frizzante and joyful.

She has a great sense of friendship and ability to listen and sharpness, as well as a sense of humor that she often uses to ease moments of tension.

As a child, she should be encouraged to cultivate creativeness, but also order and discipline that can help her keep her instability under control.

Greta loves to communicate speak, please and seduce and dream of being the center of attention. She needs a strong emotional and affective security but at the same time she hates monotony and enjoys news, adventures.

What professone will Greta do? He will probably prefer creative and artistic occupations, or those in which oral and written expression prevail. She may also be attracted to professions in the fields of travel, sports or psychology.

Zodiac sign

The most characteristic zodiac sign of Greta, as well as of Margherita, is him Scorpio.

With an often reserved and almost severe air, in reality they conceal a hypersensitive soul, which fears betrayal and deception. Idealists, they always fight to make their dreams of a better world come true.


Intrinsically linked to nature, green characterizes Greta's personality. This color refers to hope, birth and charity and is also associated with activity and spiritual life.

Precious stone

The gemstone associated with Greta's temperament is the emerald, known to symbolize wisdom.

Lucky number

9 is the symbolic number of people who have a tendency to see all white or all black, who have a fluctuating mood and who have a particularly acute intuition: whoever is under the influence of the number 9 is still capable of doing many things and has an extremely versatile personality.

Famous people and artists named Greta

  • Greta Adami, soccer player el paesena
  • Greta Bonetti, voice actor and villager
  • Greta Cicolari, volleyball player and beach volleyball player el paesena
  • Greta Garbo, Swedish actress
  • Greta Gerwig, American actress, screenwriter and director
  • Greta Gonda, Austrian actress
  • Greta Larkins, Australian actress
  • Greta Salóme, Icelandic singer and violinist
  • Greta Scacchi, actress and the country
  • Greta Scarano, actress and the country
  • Greta Vitelli, karateka el paesena
  • Greta Zuccheri Montanari, actress and the country
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Song dedicated to Greta

We propose "Greta" of the Negrita:

Who knows if I had you
But I never had you ...
Who knows if with my help
But I never did ...
Greta's world hasn't
it has no gravity
it has no gravity  

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