Name for girl: Hope. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Hope, name for girl

If you love particular female names and have a fondness for foreign names, Hope may be a good idea. It is harmonious and romantic and quite widespread in Anglo-Saxon speaking countries. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of Hope name for baby girl.


Hope is none other than the English tradition of the name and the village Speranza. The name day is generally celebrated on August 1th, when the Church remembers Saint Hope, martyr with her mother Sofia and her sisters Faith and Charity.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Speranzo

Foreign variants

  • Spanish: Hope

Origins and etymology of the name Hope

The name Hope is based on the English word hope which derives from the Old English hopian, which has an unknown root.

As for the name el village Speranza, on the other hand, it derives from the Latin word sperantia, which derives from sperans-antis, present participle of the verb to hope.

Meaning of the name Hope

The meaning of the English term Hope, translated into el village with Hope, is crystal clear and obviously means hope. 

Spread of the name Hope

The name has established itself thanks to the devotion to the Madonna della Speranza. In Anglo-Saxon countries, Hope was used in the seventeenth century by the Puritans together with the names Charity and Faith (Faith, Hope and Charity, the three theological virtues) especially in twin births. Hope was in the top 1.000 names imposed on baby girls born in the United States since 1880 and has been in the top 500 since 1909.

In the country Speranza was a rather widespread traditional name in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, today it is certainly in disuse and closely linked to solid family traditions: according to ISTAT data on the most common names: in 1999 only 10 newborn girls were called Speranza and in 2022 were 13. The name hope, with fewer than 5 babies being named in the country in both 1999 and 2022.

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Personality of a little girl named Hope

Hope is one simple and instinctive woman who lives with his feet firmly planted on the ground. She has an assertive personality, she is not easily influenced, she is endowed with a great willpower and resourcefulness. 

Sometimes she shows an extremist attitude, often it is difficult for her to stop in front of something and she is relentless when she starts a project. At other times, however, the inhibitions are so strong that they push her to lax or flee for fear of failure. She has an reflective, straightforward, concrete nature, honest and tends to doubt herself and to withdraw into an apparent coldness that hides a certain hypersensitivity. She hates superficiality, she is a reliable person she can be counted on and never fails to keep her word.

Has a rigorous moral sense and solid principles. Often he can be intolerant especially towards what he considers to be an injustice or a mistake.

Look for a life serena and safety, but at the same time appreciate adventure and change. He knows how to take weighted risks and does not lack a spirit of initiative and dynamism.

Hope loves things well done, physical exercise, nature and animals. He may not be very sociable, appreciates solitude, freedom, independence. She is a practical woman and therefore even though she loves small displays of affection, she also attaches great importance to material security.

What profession will Hope make? She will pour her ambition into work and will find great satisfaction in the administrative field, such as banking or financial management, but also in the professions that allow her to be in contact with nature.

Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign that best represents Hope's personality is that of Capricorn, thoughtful, serene, independent and a lover of solitude and freedom.


L'blue is Hope's color, a symbol of loyalty and idealism. Blue helps Hope to have confidence in her abilities and penchant for reflection, and also helps her to establish deep and lasting social bonds.

Precious stone

Hope's birthstone is the topaz, perfect for connecting with the Divine and for attracting friendship and positivity.

Lucky number

The number which brings good luck to Hope and which is symbolic of her nature is the 4, maximum representation of Hope's concreteness and practical sense.

Famous people named Hope

  • Hope Marie Carlton, American model and actress
  • Hope Cooke, last queen consort of the Kingdom of Sikkim
  • Hope Davis, American actress
  • Hope Emerson, American actress
  • Hope Hampton, American actress and singer
  • Hope Lange, American actress
  • Hope Riley, American actress
  • Hope Sandoval, American singer-songwriter

Song dedicated to Hope

Everything is bright and beautiful

You are wise and wonderful

On my darkest night, light up the skies

A song will arise

I'll sing a song of hope

Sing along

The God of heaven descends

Heaven descends

Just knowing that you are close is enough

God of the sky comes down, the sky comes down

We have choosen "Song of Hope" by Avishai Cohen, taken from the 1970 album.

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