Name for girl: Ilenia. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Ilenia name for girl

Ilenia is a female name that many parents choose for their little girl and which is also very popular in its variant Ylenia. Let's discover together the origin, the meaning, the curiosities and the personality of those who call themselves that.


It is a name adespota which therefore can be celebrated on 1th November, on All Saints' Day, but someone compares it to the name Elena and therefore celebrates Ilenia's name day on 8 August.

Varianti el paesene

  • For women: Ylenia, Hilenia, Ilena

Origins and etymology of the name Ilenia

The origin of the name Ilenia is uncertain, many lead it back to the Russian form of the name Elena, rendered in Ielena, according to another interpretation it comes from the Slavic language, while according to others the origin is Hebrew and refers to the name Ilana, which means say plant.


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Meaning of the name Ilenia

Following the theory that sees Ilenia as a transformation of the Hebrew name Ilana, the meaning of the name is "plant", according to the theory that considers the name as a variant of the name Elena, then we can say that it derives from the Greek Heléne which means "splendor" or "radiance of the sun".

Diffusion of the name Ilenia

The name is no longer common in the country as it was a few years ago. According to Istat data in 1999 they were called Ilene 787 girls, while in 2022 only 259 new parents and the villagers chose him. Its greatest popularity came in the eighties, when Al Bano and Romina Power they called their eldest daughter Ylenia and this brought the name to the fore, to the point that in the city alone 639 girls were called Ilenia, Ylenia and other variants between 1982 and 1991.

Personality of a little girl named Ilenia

Ilenia lives on big dreams and her ability to dream makes her an extremely free and passionate person. Her projects are always high and ambitious, but she keeps intact the ability to enjoy the little daily joys and to know how to recognize them. She dreams of traveling, discovering, learning, but most of all she dreams of it freedom to be herself far from any constraint.
In order to pursue her dreams and realize her projects, she does not compromise and is willing to make any sacrifices.

Recalling the origin of its name, linked to the nature, Ilenia blossoms just like a plant from the seed, defeating bad weather and difficulties, to transform herself into a wonderful woman full of feeling, passion, enthusiasm, free from any constraint.

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Zodiac sign

The zodiac sign corresponding to Ilenia is that of the gods Gemelli, spontaneous, sociable, very communicative and friendly.


Ilenia's color is blu, a symbol of great loyalty, transparency, honesty and serenity.

Precious stone

Ilenia's birthstone is the amestista, which helps to awaken one's inner awareness, purifies the mind and opens it to a thousand perspectives.

Lucky number

Ilenia's lucky number is 6, symbol of perfection and completeness.

Famous people and art called Ilenia

  • Ilenia Cordola, basketball player el paesena
  • Ilenia Draisci, athlete el paesena
  • Ilenia Lazzarin, actress and the country
  • Ilenia Pastorelli, actress and the country
  • Ilenia Vitale, athlete el paesena
  • Ylenia Baccaro, radio host el paesena
  • Ylenia Carrisi, television personality and artist el paesena
  • Ylenia Scapin, judoka el paesena

Song dedicated to Ilenia

"Ilenia" the itolo of a branod of the rock band el paesena The Zen Circus, contained in the album "The Third World War" released on 23 September 2022

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