Name for girl: Irene. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Irene, name for girl

Of Greek origin, Irene is a very popular female name in Christian communities and particularly widespread in Lombardy, Lazio and Piedmont. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this name for baby girl.


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The name day can be celebrated on different dates, but most of the people who bear this name celebrate the 5th April, when the Church remembers Saint Irene, martyr in Thessalonica in 304 together with his three sisters, Agape, Chionia and Filippa.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Ireno

Foreign variants

  • French: Irène
  • English: Irene
  • Russian: Irina

Origins and etymology of the name Irene

The name Irene derives from the Greek noun εἰρήνη (eiˈrɛːnɛː), and has the same etymology as the name Ireneo.

Meaning of the name Irene

The Greek name eirene mean Peace, but also "peacetime". In Greek mythology Eirne was the goddess of peace and later, in the first Christian communities, the name was adopted in reference to the "heavenly peace, peace between the brothers of Christ".

Spread of the name Irene

Many saints have borne this name and this has greatly contributed to the spread of the name already in early Christians. Irene then spread also during the Byzantine Empire and then in the Christian East. In the country it is a widespread name especially in the central-northern regions and keeps its popularity constant. According to the data ISTATin fact, in 1999, 1694 newborn girls were called Irene, while in 2022 the number was 1049. In 2022 Irene was the 42nd most common name in the country.

Personality of a little girl named Irene

Irene is extremely susceptible, but also a lot active, energetic, dynamic and cheerful. Eager to surrender independent, to assume yours responsibility, seeks peace and harmony and is ready to make all efforts to maintain balance around her. It manages to be calm and reassuring towards others who seek it precisely for its ability to reassure and welcome. She is usually diplomatic, but in some cases she can express hers emotionality and impulsiveness.

When she really wants something, Irene goes to great lengths to get it: she is extremely motivated and takes full advantage of her courage, strength and energy to achieve the goal. Irene is proud, ambitious and likes to command and direct, she badly bears authority over her and is animated by the desire to shine.

The difficulties and the unknown, after all, attract her because they allow her to confront her own limits and overcome them. Irene is a dedicated and perfectionist woman and a loving and responsible child.

What profession will Irene do? You may be attracted to art, dance or music. She may be torn between the desire for personal success and the desire for fulfillment within the family. Her striving for perfection can influence her choices and lead her to the medical or justice field.

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Zodiac sign

Lo Scorpio is the zodiac sign that comes closest to Irene's personality traits: passionate, energetic, fascinating.


Il yellow is the symbolic color of Irene: energetic, open and extroverted, yellow refers to a personality that loves knowledge.

Precious stone

Il topaz is the amulet of Irene: called the "crystal of power", the topaz increases and increases the energies.

Lucky number

Il 6 is Irene's lucky number, which symbolizes the constant search for stability, harmony and completeness.

Famous people named Irene

  • Irene of Athens, Byzantine empress
  • Irene of Hesse-Darmstadt, princess of the Grand Duchy of Hesse and the Rhine
  • Irene of Greece, queen of Croatia and Slavonia and Duchess of Aosta
  • Irene Angela, Byzantine princess and queen of Germany
  • Irene Galter, actress and the country
  • Irene Grandi, singer-songwriter el paesena
  • Irene Papas, Greek actress
  • Irene Parenti Duclos, painter and poet and villager
  • Irene Pivetti, TV presenter, journalist and politician el paesena
  • Irene Rich, American actress

Song dedicated to Irene

Several songwriters and the villagers have dedicated some songs to Irene, we have chosen Irene by Roberto Vecchioni, included in the 1975 album Hypertension

Run away, away, run away,

Together or against me,

It doesn't matter, just that

Looking for you, only you

To choose who you are.

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