Name for girl: Joy. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Joy name for baby girl

That name delicious, cheerful and auspicious Enjoyment. If you are expecting one child and you are in the middle of the phase of choosing the right name, you could think of Gioia, to wish your little one a bright and happy future.


There are no saints named Joy, so people who bear this name celebrate their name day on 1th November, All Saints' Day.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Zoia

Foreign variants

  • English: Joy, Joye
  • French: Joie

Origins and etymology of the name Gioia

The name Gioia derives from the Latin "joys", plural of gaudium, which means" joy ", but also" full of grace and goodness ".

Meaning of the name Joy

Joy means "happiness", therefore, but it is also linked to the meaning of"Precious stone", a term still used today to define jewels.

Diffusion of the name Gioia

The name Enjoyment it was already used in the epoch medieval, this name was given to the girls so desired and expected, thanks to its meaning linked to happiness and to the precious stone.

In el country it is more widespread in Toscana, while in the regions of North-East you find more version Zoia, which can also derive, however, from the Slavic form of the name Zoe.

What is certain is that in recent years this name enjoys new life: there are more and more parents and villagers who choose it for their newborn girls. According to Istat data, in fact, in 1999 only 148 girls were called that, while in 2022 there were 1574.

Personality of a little girl named Gioia

Extremely pleasant, sparkling, sunny and communicative, Gioia is sociable and outgoing, friendly and smiling. She loves to talk, have fun, and always seek exchange and human contact. But it is not only this: Joy crosses different stages. At first he may be prone to pleasure and fun, but then he takes life's challenges seriously, even succumbing to fatigue and stress.

At first glance, Joy may seem like it light, as if facing life as a game, but then you learn about it the other side of his personality, the most serious and disciplined one, characterized by extreme seriousness and firmness.

Gioia is a woman practice, concrete, in some ways materialistic because she never loses sight of the financial side of things, she can be a perfect business woman, also because she is convincing, incisive, wise.

Parents of girls named Joy should encourage creativeness, her communication skills, but also writing, singing, acting, to help her fight hers versatile trend and risky dispersion and ensure that the two aspects of his personality become complementary.

Joy loves peace, security and stability. She is a woman sophisticated but above all she likes what is simple, natural, authentic.

What profession will Gioia make? It will be tempted by the commercial professions, but also those in which the word - written or spoken - is fundamental. She may also find satisfaction in professions such as lawyer, teacher, actress, or banking.

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Zodiac sign

The sign of the Zodiac associated with the name Joy is theRam, a fiery, resourceful, active sign, but also loyal and sincere.


Joy's color is yellow: undoubtedly the color of allergy and energy, associated with the ability to always open up and enthusiastically to the newness of life and to live life with optimism.

Precious stone

The Gioia stone is the most beautiful and precious stone in the world: the Diamond.

Diamond means above all "authentic", just like Gioia, and it is a stone that represents commitment and absolute purity.

Lucky number

The lucky number for Gioia is 6, the number of the equilibrium, of the point of arrival in each field.

Famous people and art called Gioia

  • Gioia Marzocca, fencer and the country
  • Gioia Scola, actress and the country
  • Gioia Spaziani, actress and the country

Song dedicated to Joy

Of course, the feeling of joy has inspired so many songs in recent history. We propose the last of the Fashion which is called precisely Enjoyment: "Joy, it's never enough!"

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