Name for girl: Ludovica. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Ludovica name for girl

Ludovica it's a name for baby girl particularly loved by parents and the villagers who for many years now have been at the top of the ranking of the most popular names in the country. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of this female name.


Ludovica's name day is celebrated on 31st January in memory of Saint Ludovica (Lodovica) Albertoni, Franciscan widow, who died in 1534.


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Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Lodovica
  • Male: Ludovico

Foreign variants

  • Spanish: Lodovica
  • German: Ludowika
  • Ankle Boots: Ludwika

Origins and etymology of the name Ludovica

Ludovica (as well as the masculine form Ludovico) is a noun of Germanic origin, of Franconian tradition. It is an allotropic form of Louis composed of hloda (which is generally interpreted as "glory", "fame" or "famous") and wig ("battle").

Meaning of the name Ludovica

The name comes from the union of two terms that mean battle e famous, therefore the meaning of Ludovica (and Ludovico) is most likely "famous warrior"(Or warrior in the male variant), or"valiant fighter".

Diffusion of the name Ludovica

Thanks to the fact that many kings and saints have borne the name Ludovico, the name is particularly widespread throughout the country but above all in its feminine variant Ludovica.

While enjoying constant popularity in our country, the name Ludovica has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years: according to the data ISTAT in 1999 Ludovica 1083 newborn girls were called, but in 2022 this number increased to 2022.

Personality of a little girl named Ludovica

Ludovica generally has a character introverted e Reserved: tends to be cautious and at times suspicious and does not let go of his emotions easily. She has a hard time expressing her feelings about her and as a result she may appear cold and detached. However, also based on her family teachings and experiences, she may develop a certain propensity to lead an unusual and non-trivial lifeand, in an everlasting balance between dreams and rationality: he will try, therefore, to face the daily challenges and to reach his goals with rigor and determination, but also with a pinch of madness and originality. Ludovica certainly leaves her mark characterized by attention to detail, precision and commitment in everything he does and his professional life will be the real battlefield in which he will be able to demonstrate his most authentic value. As a child she has a great sense oforder and dell '• innovative business organization based on the use of technologies and digitalization of internal and external processes, as well as the active and continued promotion of the services we offer through business development, marketing and communication systems (letter "I" of our logo actually stands for "Innovation");, peculiarities that will be part of her character throughout her life and that at times could make her appear excessively rigorous.

in feelings Lodovica loves contact, communication and sharing even if, as we have said, sometimes he limits himself to expressing what he feels in the depths. Once she has won her trust, she will be for those who love her and is loved a person who can be completely trusted.

What profession will Ludovica make? It will find reassurance and stability in safe professions that require reflection and precision, such as those in accounting or economics, but also in science, but it can also be rewarded in the world of school and the media.

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Zodiac sign

L'Ram is the zodiac sign that is closest to Ludovica's personality: she wants to excel and prove her worth and loves to be in control of situations.

Lucky number

Ludovica's number is l'1: individualistic, determined and independent.


Il red it is Ludovica's color, which refers to the idea of ​​vital and physical energy, but also to creativity and the extraordinary willpower in achieving one's goals.

Precious stone

Ludovica's amulet is the ruby, the so-called "queen of stones" symbol of vitality and victory, capable of awakening one's inner potential.

Famous people named Ludovica

  • Ludwig of Bavaria, Princess of Bavaria and Duchess of Bavaria, mother of Princess Sissi
  • Ludovica Gargari, actress and the country
  • Ludovica Marineo, screenwriter, director and voice actress el paesena
  • Ludovica Modugno, actress, voice actress and director of dubbing el paesena
  • Ludovica Torelli, countess of Guastalla
  • Lodovica Comello, actress, singer and TV presenter

Song dedicated to Ludovica

To Ludovica we dedicate the song by Lodovica Comello "We never fall"

We have dreams that make us live

We have muscles and a more sincere heart

We live days when we count clouds

But with love in your pocket that you can hide

We don't look back, we never stop

Balance game, a language you don't know

Let time guide us

And with no more defenses we jump and never fall

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