Name for girl: Mabel. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Mabel, name for girl

Today we decided to go through the list of foreign female names a bit to go in search of an English name that is particularly loved in the country, let's talk about Mabel. We discover in this guide the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of Mabel name for baby girl.


The name day is celebrated on11 July, when the Church remembers Saint Amabile, an English noblewoman who became a nun in the abbey of Saint-Amand.

Varianti el paesene

  • Male: Amabilio
  • Women: amiable, lovely

Foreign variants

  • Welsh: Mabli

Origins and etymology of the name Mabel

The name Mabel is a hypocoristic form of the name Amabile, both a masculine and a feminine name. The name Mabel is a English hypocoristic form of the name Amabile, deriving from the Latin amabilis and which means "lovely""worthy of love". The Mabel form, therefore, arises from the apheresis of the initial A of the name Amabel.

Meaning of the name Mabel

Mabl, as well as the name Amabel and in el village Amabile, means "worthy of love". The French variant Mabelle coincides with the French expression Ma Belle, which means Mia Bella.

Spread of the name Mabel

Mabel was very popular in Christian communities due to its significance "worthy of divine love " and then in medieval times it acquired an auspicious meaning. After Middle Ages, however, the popularity of the Mabel form began to decline and returned to be more widespread only in the nineteenth century thanks to Charlotte Mary Yonge's romando entitled "The Heir of Redclyffe", where there was a character with this name and even among the 1884 and 1895 in the United States Mabel entered the ranking of 20 most popular names.

In the country, however, it remains an extremely rare name: according to ISTAT data on the most common names, in 1999 less than 5 girls were called that and in 2022 there were only 11 in the whole country.

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Personality of a little girl named Mabel

Mabel loves to seduce and she needs to feel loved. She is enterprising, enthusiastic, cheerful, very sociable and being in her company is really enjoyable. She is ' generous, independent, energetic. She is disciplined and requires a lot of herself, which is why she can sometimes appear a little arrogant and presumptuous. She has an assertive and independent personality, charming and sensitive to the idea she conveys of herself on the outside and can appear a little too much. egocentric. She does not tolerate failure and is proud, she loves to lead people and take command of situations.

Sometimes, therefore, this willingness to decide and emerge can cause people to judge her a little too much authoritarian and modesty is definitely not his gift. Mabel loves to be admired and seduce. She has a strong and decisive personality even in her affections, but with the right partner she brings out her affectionate, tender and romantic nature.

What profession will Mabel do? She will certainly be attracted to independent professions, roles of responsibility and creative and trendy activities, but she may also prefer a profession that allows her to be in contact with the public.

Zodiac sign

Scorpio is the zodiac sign that best connotes Mabel's character traits. Born to be leaders, they also know how to be very generous with the people they love.


Il green it is Mabel's color because it reflects her joie de vivre and her strength.

Precious stone

Il citrus is Mabel's lucky stone, capable of eliminating bad thoughts and channeling energies in the right direction.

Lucky number

Il 6 is Mabel's lucky number. This number is associated with harmony and balance as well as the deep inner need to live in a stable context and to be appreciated.

Famous people named Mabel

  • Mabel Albertson, American actress
  • Mabel Ballin, American actress
  • Mabel Collins, British writer
  • Mabel Normand, American actress, screenwriter, director and film producer
  • Mabel Alabama Pearl McVey, cantante britannica
  • Mabel Taliaferro, American actress
  • Mabel Trunnelle, American actress
  • Mabel Van Buren, American actress

Song dedicated to Mabel

We have choosen "Don't call me up", one of the most famous songs of the English singer Mabel Alabama Pearl McVey, known simply as Mabel, one of the summer hits of a few years ago.

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