Name for girl: Maddalena. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Maddalena, name for girl

Here we are picking up the list of female names to lend a hand to future parents waiting for a little princess. Today we have chosen to discover, in this guide, the origin, the meaning, the curiosities of name Maddalena.


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Although there are several saints and blessed who bear this name, most of the people who are called Magdalene celebrate the name day on 22 July, when both the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches remember Saint Mary Magdalene.

Varianti el paesene

  • Female: Magdalena, Magda
  • Male: Maddaleno

Foreign variants

  • English: Madeline
  • French: Madeleine
  • Spanish: cupcake

Origins and etymology of the name Maddalena

The name Magdalene derives from the biblical Greek term Μαγδαλήνη (Magdalene) which means “inhabitant of Magdala” and is the same for the Hebrew term. The name of the city Magdala derives in turn from the Aramaic Maghdela or mighdal, which means "tower" (it was a fishing village, known as "fish tower")

Meaning of the name Maddalena

The meaning refers, first of all, therefore to a woman who comes from the city of Magdala, located north of Tiberias, on the lake of Galilee. The name, however, at least originally did not properly designate a person, but generically indicated a woman of this city. Things changed when Mary of Magdala, the most famous and important among the disciples of Jesus in the New Testament, was called with the epithet Magdalene.

Diffusion of the name Maddalena

It was thanks to the figure of Mary Magdalene that the simple feminine proper name Maddalena began to spread like wildfire since the Middle Ages throughout Europe. Even today Maddalena is present in all European countries in its various variants, from French to English up to Spanish Magdalena (from which it derives Magda) although it is not very popular in the country. According to ISTAT data on the most common names in the country, in 1999 only 375 newborn girls were called Maddalena, and in 2022 they were 348.

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Personality of a little girl named Maddalena

Maddalena is a woman determined and self-confident: she knows exactly what she wants and does not hesitate to do everything to get it. She hates her laziness and sloth: an obstacle has never forced her to give up a project, on the contrary, she needs it to improve and commit even more. Its great charisma makes her a born leader: she is outgoing, rebel in his heart, he fights for the social and political battles he chooses to embrace, he wants to move, create, change, discover.

In short, Maddalena is one true force of nature! He does not like to live according to the standards imposed by society, on the contrary he chooses to change and fight for better and fairer conditions. She loves being independent, keeps possessive men away, and isn't afraid to be alone until she finds the perfect man for her.

His motivation is linked to the desire to want to demonstrate the its value, but also to fight for his battles and to achieve his goals.

What profession will Magdalene make? Her ambition is expressed perfectly in the field of acting, but she will also find satisfaction in holding managerial roles, or in politics and in professions that require her to help others, such as social ones.

Zodiac sign

Magdalene's personality can be associated with that of those born under the sign of Cancer: generous, available, they do not hesitate to dedicate themselves to others and know how to attract attention.


Magdalene is associated with color violet which embodies, on the one hand, loneliness and melancholy, but on the other hand also embodies friendship and the ability to fight for serenity.

Precious stone

Magdalene's birthstone is theametrino, a natural form of quartz, which stimulates creativity and the joy of living.

Lucky number

Il 5 it is Magdalene's lucky number and represents her great capacity for change and her willpower.

Famous people named Maddalena

  • Magdalene of Canossa, religious and saint of the village
  • Magdalene of Sweden, Princess of Sweden and Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland
  • Magdalene of Valois, princess of Viana and regent of the kingdom of Navarre
  • Maddalena Balsamo, actress and the country
  • Maddalena Campiglia, poetess and the country
  • Maddalena Casulana, composer, lutenist and singer el paesena
  • Maddalena Corvaglia, showgirl el paesena
  • Maddalena Crippa, actress and the country
  • Maddalena Laura Sirmen, composer, opera singer and musician el paesena

Song dedicated to Maddalena

The singer-songwriter Marina Valmaggi dedicated a to her little girl Maddalena a very sweet piece that goes like this:

Magdalene, Magdalene

how many nights to wait

to feel your life throbbing inside me

that you just barely blossomed

from the secret of love

Maddalena, wonder of tomorrow for you too.

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