Name for girl: Matilde. Origins, meaning and curiosities

Name for girl: Matilde. Origins, meaning and curiosities
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Matilde name for girl

Matilda it is certainly a name that has mixed fortunes, for years it has been much appreciated and used, for some time, however, it has been less widespread. It sure is a historical name, which refers to an idea of ​​sophisticated and noble femininity. If you are considering choosing the name Matilde for a little girl here is a complete guide on the origins, the meaning, the spread, the curiosities and the personality of those who bear this first name.


Matilde's name day is celebrated on 14 March, in honor of Saint Matilda of Ringelheim, or "of Germany" or "of Saxony", queen and mother of Emperor Otto. But there are also other dates on which the name day can be celebrated, in honor of other saints, such as11th April, for blessed Matilde, of Scottish origin, or the 17 December, for Blessed Matilde Téllez Robles, or Matilde of the Sacred Heart, founder of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Mother of the Church.

Varianti el paesene

  • In the masculine: Mafaldo, Matildo
  • Female: Tilde, Mafalda, Matilda, Matelda.

Foreign variants

  • Breton: Mathilda
  • French: Mathilde
  • Czech: Matylda

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Origins and etymology of the name Matilde

The origin of the name is Germanic and it literally means “She who fights with force". We follow the evolution and spread of the name over the centuries.

Name for girl: Matilde. Origins, meaning and curiosities

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Meaning of the name Matilda

The name derives from the Germanic Mahthildis and is composed of the words maht, or macht, mahti, which means "strength", "power" and hild, or hildi, "battle". So the meaning of the name Matilda can be summarized in: strong warrior, or powerful in battle.

Diffusion of the name Matilde

In the village they are called Matilde 41045 people, is the 271st most common female name and is chosen above all by parents who live in Lazio, Campania and Lombardy.

Personality of a little girl named Matilde

"She who fights with force ", therefore - the meaning of the name Matilde - refers to an extremely strong, firm and enterprising personality. She is very loyal to her family and friends and dedicates herself to them in case of need, dedicating herself entirely, but she does not hesitate to fight her enemies. Basically Matilde is a person whose personality pushes her to love her or to hate her, without half measures. And in the same way, she can be extremely and totally devoted to the cause she embraces or to the people she loves, or combative and courageous against those who want to harm her.

Furthermore, Matilde is an excellent counselor, capable of listening to those in need, she does not like to talk about herself and is rather reserved. She has a noble and attractive personality, while remaining simple. She is perfectly capable of keeping her emotions in check and she hates lightness and mediocrity. She is a perfectionist and idealist, ambitious and hardworking. She is a bit conservative and she keeps her feet on the ground, ready to take on her responsibilities with poise and efficiency.

Zodiac sign

The sign associated with the name Matilde and which best represents it is the Lion, a figure that refers precisely to the idea of ​​strength, courage, pride and determination that are its own.


The color associated with the name Matilde is yellow. A bright, energetic color, full of light that refers to an idea of ​​elegance, but also of vivacity and beauty.

Precious stone

According to ancient tradition the topaz is the precious stone connected to the name Matilda. Topaz is linked to truth and the ability to forgive, to hope, happiness and true friendship. According to tradition, wearing it helps you become more aware of yourself and your feelings and emotions. Gold is a metal associated with this name.

Lucky number

The lucky number of people named Matilde is the 9, symbol of fulfillment and completeness, as well as of great intuition.

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Famous people and art called Matilde

  • Matilda of Canossa, the countess to whom the emperor Henry IV asked to intercede in order to be able to obtain pardon from Pope Gregory VII who had excommunicated him.
  • Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror, it was she who embroidered the comet star in the tapestry that tells of the landing of the Normans in Great Britain
  • Matilda of England, Empress of the Holy City Empire and Queen of England
  • Matilda of Bavaria, Duchess of Bavaria, Princess of the Two Sicilies and Countess of Trani
  • Matilda of Scotland, queen of England, religious and saint
  • Matilde Asensi, Spanish writer
  • Matilda Bonaparte, Princess of Westphalia and Princess of San Donato
  • Matilda Brandi, showgirl
  • Matilda Callari Galli, anthropologist el paesena
  • Matilda Moraschi, basketball player, athlete and fencer el paesena
  • Matilde Serao, writer and journalist el paesena

Song dedicated to Matilde

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